[22] White Moon Tales

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He wasn't getting any better.

Sitting beside Sebastian, who was resting uncomfortably in his room, Elizabeth reaches over for the fifth time checking his forehead with the palm of her hand. He didn't have a cold nor was he physically hurt anywhere, and so she was coming up blank with possible things that could be wrong with him. With him being half werewolf, there wasn't many things that could effect a wolf, and so Elizabeth assumed his illness had something to do with the vampiric part of him.

The fever didn't seem like it was going down. In fact, his forehead felt warmer than ten minutes ago. "What's wrong, Bastian? Come on, you can tell me." A grunt was what she received from Sebastian when he turned his head away from her.

She brushes his hair, which was sticking to the side of his forehead due to sweat, away to reveal his boyish face. Rising to her feet, she stares down at her brother for a few seconds before leaving.

Downstairs she paces the living room floor. The constant worrying was eating away at her. This was something that never happened. Sebastian had never been sick a day in his life, and now, all of a sudden, he was sick. She didn't have any solution to even beginning to try to help her brother. In fact, the more she waited, the more he seemed like he was getting worst.

She had just pauses to look out a window, when she saw them. Rage and betrayal were the first things to form. At the same time, she storms outside. Her gaze set on Kane the moment she pushes the front door open.

"What do you think you are doing?" Elizabeth snarls towards Kane.

"You need her help." Kane comes to a stop at bottom step.

"No, I don't, Kane. Take her away. Now."

"Elizabeth, Kane told me there was a very sick child," Momo says from her position two steps behind her son. "If I'm going to help him, I need to see him."

"No." Elizabeth didn't take her eyes from Kane. "Get her out of here." She tells Kane once more.

"He needs her care." His tone never rose nor dropped as he says this.

Momo steps onto the bottom step in an attempt to draw Elizabeth's attention to her. "Elizabeth, ju-"

"I said no." There was a finality in her voice that left little room for argument. The sounds of Sebastian being in pain has her turning and running into the house. She couldn't deal with the situation-not with Sebastian groaning in pain and needs the care she can provide.

"Come on, Mom." Kane follows behind her, running up the porch. He took his mother's hand and tugs her along, knowing she just needed to see Sebastian.

Once in Sebastian's room, Elizabeth takes a wet cloth from a nearby bowl and squeezes the extra water from it. She than places the cloth on Sebastian's head. I just need to keep him cool. Why won't this fever break?

"It's alright, Sebastian. I'm trying to break this fever as fast as I can."

The gasp from the door had Elizabeth shooting a glare towards the pair. "Get out. Now."

"Elizabeth let her help." Kane took a step forward, hoping to make Elizabeth understand that his mother could help.

"Kane, I don't think I can, son." Momo says from behind her palm. Her expression was once of utter shock.

Kane turns to his mother."What do you mean, Mom? You took care of my fevers, and even some of the sicker children in the family. You're as good as the doctor when it comes to kids."

"A halfing. He's a halfing, Kane. I can't see how you two have kept this a secret, much less, how I can help him. Do you know why a mating between a werewolf and vampire was-is forbidding?"

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