[21] White Moon Tales

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It was the morning of the next day when Sebastian woke to the carpet that lines the living room floor. He was feeling horrible like his stomach was trying to eat a hole in his gut.

He rolls on his back, groaning. His head started throbbing with the sudden movement. His vision doubles, and he closes his eyes. What is this? He could feel the heat rising within him.

Opening his eyes again did little to change his perception. Everything seems to be spinning, and his stomach feel like it was on fire. He felt hot and sweaty.

He closes his eyes, giving in to the weariness and heat. There were places on his body that hurt. It was as if he had came from an intense training session with Kane, but worst. His muscles felt heavy to lift.

Sleep. I just need to sleep.

When he next opens his eyes, he finds himself shivering from cold. I was hot, now I'm cold. What's wrong with me?" He turns on his stomach. The old stench of the carpet has him frowning. "It's like I can taste the carpet." He struggles to his feet.

"Water. Need water." Through shear will, he makes his way towards the kitchen. It was only a few steps before he found himself back on the floor. He was breathing hard.

Maybe I'll sleep a bit longer.


"Kid. Hey, kid."

The masculine voice of Kane enters his stuffy mind. A groan slips pass his lips as he struggles to hold his head upright. He could feel himself being shaking, but he couldn't keep his eyes open.

"Kid. What's wrong with you?"

He felt his body being lifted off the floor. The next thing he knew was that he felt cool. Opening his eyes, he sees that he is in the bathtub with ice water up to his neck. He begins to move, trying to get up.

"Easy, kid. I got you." He felt Kane lifts him up.

One look at the other male had Sebastian wondering if Kane was angry with him for missing his control lesson. He knew that was why Kane was here in the first place. This morning he was suppose to have show up at the waterfall for his lessons.

"You were burning up, and so, I had to cool your body down. Tell me what's wrong with you."

"I-I think I killed someone, and then this guy gave me blood."

Kane feels Sebastian's arms. "You're still warm. But it's better than earlier." Reaching for the nearby towel, he throw it over his shoulder. As he took the stopper from the drain, he places the towel over Sebastian's shoulders, lifting him out of the tub.

Sebastian lays his head against Kane's chest. Despite feeling bad, the warmth from Kane's chest was comforting. "It tasted different than the first, and it was good. Like sweets."

"I think it's time to move up your resistance training." Kane carries Sebastian into his bedroom. He puts Sebastian under the covers, and feels his left cheek with his knuckles. "You're still warm. Try to get some sleep, alright?"

Sebastian nods his head in understanding. He closes his eyes glad to have Kane around, even though, he would never tell him personally.


Elizabeth, meanwhile, was attending a dinner meeting in Iran with Samuel Milbank and his pack to discuss the trading agreement that was to take place between her pack and his.

Just as she brought her cup of tea to her bottom lip, she gets a strange feeling. Like something is wrong, yet she was uncertainty about the feeling. She couldn't even place what the feeling was, and after several minutes of staring into her untouched cup, she was beginning to doubt herself.

"It's probably nothing."

After several hours, Elizabeth was nervously clenching and un-clenhing her locked hands, which resting down in front of her.

"Ah. There you are." Samuel approaches Elizabeth, carrying two cups in each hand.

"I thought you may like to taste some of my finer wine before dinner is serve."

Elizabeth smiles and takes a cup. "Thank you. I would." She brings the cup to her lips, taking a small sip.

"Tell me, Miss. Cobalt, you have the most beautiful eyes, where did you get them, for they are so beautiful they remind me of the heavens above?"

"Are you complementing, Mr. Milbank, or flattering me?"

"I only stating a fact. You are beautiful. I wonder if you are...single." His warm smile was suggestive.

"Unfortunately, not. Sorry."

"I only wished I was first." Samuel smiles, not surprise to hear this. "But I do hope this man isn't the cause of the sadness in your eyes."

"You notice that, huh?"

"I notice everything when it comes to a beautiful face."

Elizabeth smirks and returns her gaze to the red wine in her cup. "I don't know. You ever feel like something is wrong?"

"Miss. Cobalt, we all get those feelings ever once in awhile. I've learned to listen to those feelings for they come from deep within us, and not just the beast part, but a place where both our spirits-our essence- are nothing but pure knowledge."

Elizabeth wasn't sure what to feel about the other's words. She was conflicted. She wanted to go and chase the feeling, but she didn't want to leave because that would mean putting a stop to this meeting for the final agreement for the Iranian fruit.

"I'll tell you what. You go. Return home and listen to your spirit."

"I can't just leave."

"Sure you can. The arrangements are already in process for our agreement, and I've sent a gift to your grandfather ahead of you. Make sure he gets it for me."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, Miss. Cobalt. Go. We'll chat again?"

"Definitely." Elizabeth agrees quickly.


Hours later, in the midst of sunrise, Elizabeth emerges from the plane. She didn't go directly to Sebastian because her grandfather requested her presence before she could sneak off. After a extended meeting with her grandfather, she was finally able to leave.

It was sunset by the time she arrived at the house. "Sebastian," she calls, upon entering the house.

"Ssh, Elizabeth." Kane comes from the kitchen, with his index finger over his lips.

Kane was supposed to be looking for a job today, so his presence shocks her."What are you doing here?"

"Keep your voice low." Kane gives Elizabeth a side hug. "It's good that I did came by: Sebastian's sick."

Her eyes widens, and she looks up towards the steps. Her mind slowly trying to process the fact that her brother was sick. Her feet moves in the direction of the stairs, only to pause at the bottom of the stairs.

"Before you go, I want you to know that I made soup." Kane was quick to say. "Enough for the both of you."

Elizabeth approaches Kane and threw her arms around his neck. "Thank you, Kane. For this."

"It's nothing. Go." Kane pulls back. "He needs you."

Elizabeth gives him another hug and hurries up the stairs.

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