[18] White Moon Tales

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Her hands is tangle in his black, silky long hair. Their bodies rubbing against each other. A moan slips pass her lips. His tongue invade Elizabeth's mouth, wrapping around her tongue in a play of sorts. Their breathing are rapidly increasing with every passing second. The heat of her body collides with the cold chill of his. As his hand lower down her side, pass her hip, and rubbing circles on her left thigh, Elizabeth growls in his mouth. A warning to him to behave.

Chirpin wasn't having any of that, however. He slides his hand up the short shorts, she wore. How he wanted to feel her, even just a little. Inching the tips of his fingers further up, he cheers in his mind for the small victory. That was until the sharp biting pain on his bottom lip has he recoiling back.

"What did I tell you?" Elizabeth snarls out, moving from hovering over him to sit beside him on the sofa, reaching for a laptop on the table.

They were in Chirpin's house. A mansion that was built closer to the city, but still near the edge of the forest. The very mansion she came to that night on her assassination mission.

"Couldn't resist." The vampire lies easily as he licks her bottom lip of his blood.

"When I said friends with benefits, I meant nothing pass kissing or I'll break your favorite appendage."

"Ouch. Don't be mad that I'm being naughty. I only want a taste of you."

"Quiet." Elizabeth starts typing away on the laptop. The only thing you want is my blood, bat boy.

Chirpin watches Elizabeth with a small admiration in his eyes. She really was a brilliant woman, despite her being a werewolf, and one he wouldn't mind sharing. "You know, you shouldn't tease him so."

"He did something that isn't easily forgettable."

"It's been three years and you two aren't even talking." Chirpin throw his head back when he didn't get a response from her. Grabbing the shot glass from the table, he swallows it's contents down in one gulp. "When am I going to meet this other love of your life?"


"Oh, why not?"

"Because he isn't what we are focusing on." She slides the laptop his way. "Chirpin, come on. I'm really going to need you to focus here."

"But I can't. This beautiful painting is such a distraction. You should blame yourself for getting it for me." He looks over at a beautifully, abstract painting designed as some sort of sun burst.

Annoyed, she glares at the vampire. "You wasn't going to allow me in if I didn't get it."

"You know my darkest secret, so why not date me?"

"First of all, everyone knows you are an art fangirl. And secondly, I have someone."

"You wolves and your mate for life until death due you part."

"You need a mate."

"Oh, I have many lovely selections."

"But not someone to take the old man you are out of you."

"Come now, this old man still has a hot body. Plus, I'm in my prime for my age."

"You're full of yourself. Now get over here and write your part. Please."


Elizabeth was up in her room a few days later after her visit with the vampire leader. Sitting in front of her computer, she was finalizing the final copy of the agreement between the wolves and the vampires, while finishing up other contracts between the pack and the four other packs across the world, including adding in a clause about neighboring enemies and suggesting a truce between them.

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