[17] White Moon Tales

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Two weeks later, Elizabeth was finally allowed a break from her demanding job. And with Sebastian, at home, practicing paper folding for some surprise, he wanted her to stay away until later tonight, she decided to join her girlfriends on a outing to the mall.

"It's been forever since you hung out with us, Elizabeth." Adella Samson, one of Elizabeth's best friends, who was known for her outspoken personality and the banner she wore around her head. The paw print of a wolf is in the center of the banner. Her deceased older brother had given his banner to her, so that she could continue the karate training for the next generations to come, and she proudly accepts her current position after the Hunt.

"We were starting to think you've forgotten us," Dominica Hein, another best friend of Elizabeth, says eyeing the shops they walk pass.

"No, just been busy."

"Yea, busy with two hotties, Brandon Medina and Kane Blackthorn."Adella teases slapping Elizabeth's arm, earning her a smirk from Elizabeth.

"Please, Della. You can have them." Glancing at her friend, she frowns in frustration.

"You really mean that?"The cheerfulness on Adella's face was one of hope.

"Maybe Brandon, but not Kane." Dominica half snorted, the corner of her left lip coming up in disbelief. "You know those two are childhood sweethearts." She folds her arms over one another.

"Actually, Kane has been on my nerves lately. I rather not talk about him, girls."

"O boo, I was looking for a juicy story too." Adella reaches in the pocket of her short shorts and pulls out a cherry balm stick. "At least, the hot bitches are back to party," she yells after applying the balm, earning a few looks from people walking by or standing around on the sidewalk.

"Della, shut up. You're embarrassing us."Dominica chastise the hyper she-wolf, sending a glare her way.

"O you're just jealous that I beat you to it first, Minna. We should go to a bar later. There's this one, I've heard of, that have a riding bull. I want to ride."

Dominica pushes her glasses up. Out of their litter of young adults, she had the worst eyesight among them. "After I get my outfit. Jasper needs to think I'm hot tomorrow night."

Elizabeth arches an eyebrow at her friend. "Since when do you date Jasper, the quiet one?"

Dominica smiles, looking at Elizabeth. "Since I caught a gleam of that fine body of his. The guy has abs despite him not talking much."

"Well, I'm happy for you. Treat him right."

"O I will. When I run my hands along that attractive body of his." With her hands up and curled like a cat, she drags them down, scratching through the air.

"Ew. Change of topics." Adella was quick to say. "Where to first? This is our first day out, since the Hunt, and I want to find some human eye candy."

"Adella, you should be careful about hooking up with a human. You know how my grandfather is."

"Yea, but when you become Alpha, I won't have to worry, so, in the meantime, I'm searching."

"Gosh, it feels so good to let loose after being worked like a hog."

"Let's get this free day rolling so we can" -Adella jiggles her hips- "sway our hips later."


"Girls, I'm going to head over to Jerry. I could use some diamonds." Elizabeth rose from her seat. They was having lunch from the food court in the mall, and had found a table that wasn't too far from the diamond store.

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