[16] White Moon Tales

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Elizabeth sat, with her head on the table between her outstretched arms, at the kitchen table of the home she shared with her brother, the next morning.

Her thoughts was smother when a plate was placed in front of her face. The smell wafting from the plate was the first thing she notices upon raising her head.

French toast?

Looking at the toast, one stacked on top of the other, her stomach stirs a little, reminding her that her last meal was early afternoon yesterday.

"I made breakfast," came her brother's cheerful voice.

She looks up at her brother with a knowing look. "Only French toast?"

"With lots of cinnamon because you look like you need it."

"That would be very thoughtful of you, if I didn't already know this-" she took a bite from one of the two breads "-was the only thing you can make."

"It's the only thing I like a lot."

"Boy, do I know. This was very sweet of you." She kisses him on the forehead.

Waving his arms in front of him and backing up, the boy frowns in disgust. "Do you have to do that?"

"How else am I going to thank my baby brother?" She makes to grab him again, only to have him darts away. A glare of annoyance in those pretty eyes of his.

"We can't just have French toast. Not matter how delicious it is." She pushes the chair back and rose to her feet.

"I could use some bacon."

"Bacon, yea. I want some too." Sebastian moves to the refrigerator.

Elizabeth makes her way to the stove, retrieving a frying pan on the way. Sebastian places the bacon beside her on the counter, and than grabbed the frying pan that held his cinnamon toast. Together they worked quietly preparing the remaining of their breakfast.

At the table eating, Sebastian pushes his empty plate away. His brow wrinkle in thought. He plays with his fingers a few seconds before looking up to Elizabeth, who was finishing the last few bites of her breakfast.

"Sis, can I ask you something?"

"You want extra time on your assignments?"

"No." Sebastian was quick to say. "I finished those. This is something about yesterday."

"Sebastian, Kane was wrong for yelling at you like that. What he said was wrong."

Sebastian's forehead and nose scrunched up, and his lips presses firmly together. The very question on his mind, but he wasn't sure how to voice his thoughts.

"You are not worthle-"

"What am I?"

His bluntness startled Elizabeth, throwing her into silence. She blows and smiles. "You're my brother."

"No." He shakes his head. "I'm not like you."

Understanding her brother, she folds her arm on the top and meets her brother's gaze with a seriousness. "What you are is a person that would one day become someone who is smart, brave, and kind." Amusement colors her eyes the more she thought of the compliments she was speaking.

"Just like me." She touches her face, smiling.

"If I have to be like you, I rather not."


"I'm joking."He holds up his right hand.

Grabbing his plate and raising from her seat, she makes her way to the sink. Staring at the dishes, his words came back to her. She felt bad about leaving her only brother in the dark, and on a final thought, she turns around, looking at Sebastian.

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