[14] White Moon Tales

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With the dying colors of the leaves, the forest was in the mist of the aging Fall season. Elizabeth stood in nothing but a short pair of shorts and a tank top. Stretching her arms out, she prepares herself.

"Hurry up." She calls back to Sebastian. The afternoon air was turning the once warm day cool.

Sebastian, hopping on his foot to put on his left shoes, hurries down the steps. "I'm coming. I'm coming."

"Well come quicker. I'm ready to go."

"Why? It's not like you're in a hurry to lose."

"Do I hear a Sebastian-doing-my-laundry for the next month? Dried and folded?"

"You wish." He frowns coming to a stop beside his sister. I hate doing the laundry.

"Alright. I win. You do my share of the laundry, and if you win, I'll make you a cake."

Sebastian took off his shirt not wanting to ruin the shirt during the shift. "Nope. I want a book on folding paper. I saw this show on t.v., and I want to make things like cranes and flowers and stuff."

"Flowers and stuff." She snorted and smirked at the very idea of her brother making flowers out of paper.

"Don't laugh at me." Sebastian frowns up at his sister.

"Here's the deal: you beat me I won't laugh at your idea."


She hush him with a shush. "I win and you do my laundry. You'll get the book, since it involves reading, and this is your first time you are asking for a book instead of a game."

His brown eyes seem to light up with joy.

"Let's see what you've learned." She shoots off running, striping her clothes after jumping in the air. Fur covered skin almost instantly, and limbs became short and paw-like. She lands on the ground in a graceful fashion. Making a sharp turn and leap, she grabs her clothes as they fell to the earth only to jump on the base of a tree trunk, kicking off and making a run through the trees.

Sebastian stood there, mouth hung open and eyes large. "How do she do that?"

'You better hurry or you'll lose, Bastian.'

Snapping out of his gawking, he quickly takes off his shorts, leaving his shoes on as they were designed to fit his back paws as he ran in his wolf form. Shifting, he dashes after his sister, leaving his shorts behind.

The tawny brown wolf was in lead, followed by the smaller, gray wolf. The forest became clearer, vivid. The air tastes richer. As Elizabeth run, she could picks up the different smells the forest had to offer. One specific scent -Sebastian's scent- brought a sense of belonging to her animalistic soul. Her thoughts drifts back to the moment she claimed Sebastian as hers.

"I'll be your mama now-" a smaller version of Elizabeth tells a infant Sebastian "-since Mama is gone."

Tears glisten in the child's eyes. Her mother was laying a few steps away with blood slowly seeping from different open wounds.

Remembering her mother holding another infant, she shifts the baby in her arms to mimic the way her mother held a baby. Only she couldn't quite accomplish the goal. Instead she held him with two arms wrapped around the bundle and proceeded to move forward.

It wasn't long before the infant started to cry. The crying growing louder by the minute. "What's wrong?" She asks, concern growing in her face as the crying continues to become rapid and loud. She sits down on the ground, looking into the screaming baby's face.

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