[13] White Moon Tales

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How is he my grandfather if he doesn't looks like me? A few days later, hidden beneath a large bush, Sebastian, on his stomach, watches his grandfather talk into a cell phone.

Being on his way to see his sister one day, he wanted to watch her make her rounds at her other home. She would usually start by leaving her wooden house, which seem slightly bigger than most he seen around the isolated village. Than she would go to a nearby clearing where her and a group of others, who appeared close in age to her, and she would pick a partner and they would spar. Kane was there, but he noticed that his sister would spar with him last every time. From there, she would go around assisting anyone, it seems, particularly this older woman, whom always seemed alone except for when his sister and Kane are around. This day, he had seen the elder leaving the tight-knit community alone, and so he decided to follow.

"What are you doing here, Sebastian?" Elizabeth whispers next to his ear, causing him to hit his head on a low-hanging branch in his haste to escape.

Upon realizing the voice belonged to his sister, he crouch back down, grumbling to himself. "Um-I was coming to see you, but I saw him and wanted to see him better, so I followed him."

"He could have saw you." Elizabeth, on her hands and knees, follows his gaze to her grandfather. What is he doing all the way out here? "And to see me. What were you doing trying to see me?" She nudges him.

"He didn't." He looks forward again, keeping his body still to lessen any unnecessary movements that could attract attention his way. "Besides, he can't see me."

"That's not the point."

Sebastian winches at the angry hiss in her voice, only to warn her back in the same tone."You're going to get us caught." He was sure, Elizabeth was glaring at him, for he could feel the heated glare on the left side of his head.

Reluctantly, the young alpha returns her gaze forward, deciding she'll ignore her brother's attitude.

The elder Alpha is looking straight ahead. He is wearing a black suit. The only black suit he wore when negotiating with foreign relations or moving among the city. The latter he did seldom. Elizabeth knew he was suppose to be at a meeting today, yet here he was deep into the forest, a good distance away from their hidden community.

The low talking drew her gaze from her grandfather. Two men, one being her uncle, stood on a side of another. They moves towards her grandfather almost dragging their prisoner forward.

Why is that person wearing a cloak? Sebastian ponders to himself.

Alpha Simone leans forward, just enough to hide his lips from sight behind the cloaked being. Words seem to transpires between the two, for the alpha punches the person in the abdomen. He follows the punch by removing the cloak over it's arm. The ear shattering scream of a woman pierces through the quietness of the forest, echoing right after.

A gesture was made by the Alpha, and the female was dragged towards the warehouse, where the trio quickly disappears inside.

"Sebastian, go back home, and wait for me there."

"Do I have too?"

"Yes. Grandfather can't know you exist yet. Now go. Go directly home. I'll be there as soon as I can." She gets to her feet, and quietly pushes her way through the thick underbrush, toward Alpha Simone.

Sebastian watches for a few minutes longer. He sees his sister exchanging words with their grandfather, who seems surprised to see her. As he is walking away, he watches from over his shoulder as Elizabeth went inside the warehouse after her grandfather, leaving him to wonder what they were doing to the woman inside.

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