Chapter 5- Roses

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-Elliot Incorporate

"Thank you", I sheepishly smiled and said to him as we finished the tour and he leads me to his office.

Ian looked up at me from his desk and nodded without a smile nor any emotions visible in his face.

"Um, so where is my office?"

"You'll be stationed on my floor, Avelyn...across my office", he spoke up whilst skimming through some papers.

He always does that, never have I ever seen him speak to someone and not take his eyes off those papers or whatever work he was concentrated upon.

"But aren't I supposed to be with the interior designing team?"

He simply shrugged nonchalantly, "I give the orders here and you are to follow them. I said you'll be on my floor and you shall, so sit there like you did an hour ago and wait till further instructions".

Oh geez, what a pig!

I huffed silently and sat down obeying his majesty. Ian doesn't even spare me a glance and continues to go about his business as usual.

Two hours had passed by like nothing as I sat on the sofa and gaze upon the pig himself speaking on the phone whilst casually scrolling through his laptop.

"Hmm", he kept on humming in acknowledgement as I guessed the person on the other line was supplying him information.

His decent manly eyebrows crunched up in a knot as his eyes narrowed down at something on the screen.

"Mr. Piercy, I'll continue this conversation in three hours time", he hung up and suddenly turned towards me.

Red alert! Red alert! Red alert!

My mind was screeching those words as the siren sounded faintly in the background. He leaned back into his throne of a chair and regarded me intently making me swallow harshly.

"Tell me, Miss Perez, you work at the Hard Rock cafè; why?"

I sat up straight and cleared my throat, "Well, I have to make ends meet".

He perches his hand under his chin in a domineering manner and I feel like that one bad student under the principal's care in that dark lonely office.

"And you still work there?" Also, I've noticed that perching his hand on his chin whilst staring at you is what he tends to do often.

"Yes, sir".

"Isn't thirty-six thousand dollars a month sufficient for you?"

He asked quizzically and I swallowed. He was talking about my salary, I was getting nine thousand a week hence a month, such a large sum resulted.

How can I tell him that I once resided in suburbs based in Russia and because of my scholarship, I came to New York? Now I have to work and get my mother and two sisters over to New York because where I once lived isn't even written in the word 'safe'.

"Uh, I have a situation, sir", the words spilt itself on my tongue as soon as my mind thought of it.

He studied me once again and nodded before returning his attention to the stack of files in front of him. I released a breath of relief thanking Jesus and Joseph that he didn't press the matter.

It's been three hours now and I haven't even gotten to work. I am sitting in his office like some slug doing absolutely nothing yet he hasn't even spoken to me about work.

"Sir, am I supposed to be in my department right now working?" I stood and make my way to his desk.

Ian looks up at me and sighs, "Very well. Come with me".

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