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Jade didn't want to go to the funeral. For the past week she lay on her bed in a ball form crying until she couldn't cry anymore whispering Perrie's name. But her mam dragged her out of her bed making her go even if it was forceful.

She stared at the faces she tried to recognize as her eyes hid behind shades gazing over the massive crowd that showed up.All of Perrie's relatives and friends were here. She saw Zayn and Cataleya huddled up crying. Eleanor burrying her head in Louis chest sobbing loudly even Dani Liam,Jesy ,Niall and Harry were crying uncontrollably.Her mom was the biggest mess of all you could hear her screams echoing yelling "Where's my baby? What have you done to her?" to the heavens above. Jonney and Caitlyn tried calming her down but were struggling as her body shook falling to the ground.

Jade caught a man's attention. A man she didn't want to see ever again in her life. Perrie's mum told her the complete story of the night she got stabbed. "You bastard. You son of a bitch. Why couldn't you except us. You had to go kill of your daughter look where she is now I hope your fucking happy. Go burn in hell for all I care this is all your fault!!!!" Jade screamed at the top of her lungs getting stares from a few people. His face fell and you could see the faint tears that were traced on his cheeks but Jade didn't care. Her mother pulled her back trying to calm her down but just made Jade scream more hateful words.


She saw Perrie lying dead in the casket. She looked so pale but yet so peaceful her arms crossed against her chest eyelids closed. Jade couldn't find the energy to walk on over there with hobbily legs she couldn't at all. Tears fell once again seeing her girlfriend's dead body. She couldn't handle it.

Leigh-Anne was in jail charged for murder no one seemed to care about when she got out or not. They all knew she was a monster. No one wanted to be dragged into her mess anymore. Not even her family who shunned her.


Jade lay her back on the wall head hitting it every now and then as all she heard was the ticking of her clock in her ears clinging on to Perrie's varcity jacket rememebering every kiss they ever shared. Every  word Perrie once whispered in her ear. Every lustful kiss or bite she gave her. Even text messages she hasn't deleted off her phone yet. She remembered her on her bed that one day after school. She remembered the soft calming words Perrie once used to soothe her. Her head banged against the wall harder now trying to forget them as they pained her but she could she remembered everything.

The blonde hair she loved the giggles,chuckles and laughes she once died to hear or that beautiful movie star smile she melted over. Every gaze or whisper that was meant for only them two in the back of Mr.Taylor's class.

Jade refused to eat or drink or bathe.

Refused to see anyone at all and just layed on her floor wearing her black shorts and tanktop she wore the first time she went to Perrie's house for the project. Everything creating a gaping hole on her heart she thought couldn't be fixed anymore. The love of her life was murdered infront of her and she couldn't handle it with everyone always asking her if she was alright or not. Of course she wasn't.

She wanted to be with Perrie wanted to hear her voice and feel her touch. She wanted to end it just to see her. She ran into her bathroom holding up the razor almost bringing it down to her skin when she heard a voice whisper

"Please don't" She looked around the bathroom trying to hear the familiar voice when her eyes set on something.

She saw the outline of Perrie's body first before she saw her face. Jade shook her head. She was probably just hallucinaing her mind playing tricks on her again. "Please Jade." The.voice whimpered. And she saw Perrie's arms open wide for a hug.

She stood up immediatly running to the figure but right went she touched Perrie. She slipped through her finger like whisps of smoke. Only making Jade sob harder.

She thought about ending it again as she sat on the toilet seat writing her explanation of why she wanted to die so her mom could see it once she saw her. But like before once the blade hit Jade's skin a figure was infront of her. Perrie's . "Don't" it whispered. "But your only going to slip away from me again." Jade whispered back throat hurting seeong tear drops on her wrists now.

"I'll always be watching over you Jade." Perrie whispered before she felt a pressure on her lips which she thought Perrie was trying to give her a kiss.

But Jade knew by now. Knew Perrie was in heaven looking down at her watching her every movement.

Jade called Perrie's phone going immediatly to Perrie's voicemail. "Hey it's Perrie sorry I can't come to the phone right now but leave a message after the beep." she heard the voice say.

And she knew even though Perrie would never pick up the phone again. It was worth still hearing her speak again. So she called regularly until the phone compay shut down Perrie's line.

But she knew Perrie would always be by her side either way.

I love you Perrie She whispered again feeling another pressure on her waist before warmth hit her from the presence she knew was perrie.



i hoped u guys liked this it was my first ever fanfic and im happy alot of ou guys read it and stuck through it i love you guys :*.

I wont write another story for a while now but i will write jerrie oneshots if you send me some requests if your too shy to ask me. Thank u all for reading this I love u guys so much

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