Chapter 4

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A/N I just want everyone to know that... I'M ALIVE!!!

Zane: Great *rolls eyes*



I woke up on a couch, the dinner finished last night and we decided to watch a movie. I tried to get up but was held down by...

Garroth's hand around my waist?!?

"Garroth! Wake up...please... I wanna eat," I whispered, shaking him a bit.

"Wha? Oh I'm sorry, Y/N," he removed his arm.

I stood up and saw Aphmau cuddling with Aaron, Travis cuddling with Dante, Nicole, Kawaii~chan and Katelyn was hugging (Random Girl) and Gene was hugging Zane. New ships sailing heh.

"Hey Garroth?"


"Where's Vlyad?"

"Probably taking Celeste for a walk,"


I walked to the kitchen and cooked pancakes/waffles and Garroth was helping. The others woke up one by one either screaming of why they were cuddling with eachother or Kawaii~chan fangirling because of Aarmau.

I finally got done cooking the pancakes, everyone ate and left saying thank you to me for cooking breakfast.

As I was about to leave Zane came up to me.

"Um... Hey Y/n? I... I wanted to... Iwantedtoaskyouonadate,"

"What was that? I didn't quite catch that?"

"I wanted to ask you on a date....?" I stood there shocked...


Cliffhanger ^-^

Yusss at least I updated even if it was a short chapter. The next one will probably updated later or tomorrow. I'll make that longer just for everyone's support. ❤💚💛💙💜 Undertale♡♡

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