chapter 34

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guys this is the last chapter before the epilouge so enjoy :/

Perrie's p.o.v

We sat in the car silence falling upon us. Disturbing silence. Why would Jade do this? She...she was perfect. But she wouldn't let me speak to her anymore.

My hands trembling trying to calm my nerves down. I was suprised I wasn't freaking out when I grabbed Jade at the last second. She could've dropped and wasn't supposed to end this way.

I could see shivering. She must be scared out of her mind. She almost killed herself. I was so angrey right now. She was bullied so much she wanted to kill herself it just shows you what type of messed up society we live in.

"Jade?" I whispered trying not to frighten her. "Yeah?" She answered back but her voice was flat slightly shaken but flat.

"Why?" I saw her tense up beside me before she averted her eyes to the window avoiding my question as trees passed by us. "I don't want to talk about it."  She whispered closing her eyes....too soon.


"Thanks for driving me home.....and saving me." My heart warmed up a bit as I rose my lips smiling.

"It wasn't a problem just don't do that again even if you hate me....just don't leave me...please." I whispered my voice cracking as her hand reached the doorknob.

She turned back facing me her eyes shining with tears. If only I was still with her I could make all her pain go away instead of causing it.

Her movements were fast but gentle and I didn't know what to do. She grabbed the collar of my coat quickly before she planted a lingering kiss on my cheek mummbling a "Thank you Perrie." under her breath leaving the car quickly opening her house door and walking inside.

My car was still parked in her driveway as I sat smiling like an idiot my hand on my cheek feeling it warming up from Jade's lips.

She kissed me and it wasn't a forceful one.  God this girl was going to be the death of me if I didn't get back together with her soon.


Jade's p.o.v

I walked down the hall my books geld tightly to my chest just wanting to be ignored and unnoticed.

Did I really almost commit suicide? I would've died if Perrie didn't find me. I didn't question how and why she saved me. It was just out of the blue.

And the kiss I gave her was a reflex a sort of friendly gesture to say thank you for saving me. But I couldn't say I wasn't dying for it

to happen. Even though it probably confused the hell out of Perrie.

Leigh-Anne brushed past me and I could see a couple of scratch marks on her face....she deserved it.

I put my books in my locker before I felt a pair of arms on my waist. I jumped slightly before turning around seeing a pair of green eyes looking down at me. Dimples on full display with an accumpanied smile.

"Hi Harry." I said as he kissed my cheek quickly. "Hey." He replied taking my hand after I closed my locker. "So tonight is the black and white masquerade dance and I wanted to see if we were going."

Damnit!! I forgot about the masquerade dance. I'm so stupid.

"Umm yeah we're still going." I reasured him his eyes lighting up. "Great!!! I'll see you there then." He kissed my cheek again before he headed off to class grinning like wild.

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