Jace Lightwood was nervous. No, nervous was an understatement. He was petrified. But he had every reason to be, today was his wedding day. Today he would be marrying Clary Fray. Jace had proposed about a month ago, but with Sebastian and the war the wedding had been pushed off. Now, now there was nothing stopping them. The ceremony would be like any other shadow-hunter wedding. They'd both be wearing gold just like in the song, "Black for hunting though the night, for death and sorrow the colors white, gold for a bride in her wedding gown, and red to bring enchantment down." He had heard it all his life but it would be different, today it was happening to him. He starred in the mirror at his reflection. "How would Clary look? Beautiful. She has always did and she always will." Jace thought.

He was broken out of thoughts by a knock on the door. In walked his brother, his parabatai , Alec Lightwood. Alec grinned seeing Jace.

"No need for words," Jace said doing the buttons up his jacket. "I already know I look good." Alec just frowned.

"I was coming to tell you... It's time." His frown tuned into a genuine smile. Alec had been in love with Jace once, but now there was Magnus. Jace found it weird sometimes, that Alec had been in love with him, but it didn't bother him now. He didn't return those feelings, and besides everyone loved him.

"Let's get this over with," Jace grinned and walked out the door. "I heard there'd be cake." Alec rolled his eyes, trailing in his brother's wake.

Clary was a bundle of jitters. She stood in front of the Accord Hall doors in her gold wedding dress. Isabelle and Mai stood side by side at the altar in their red ones. In a moment she would walk out in front of everyone, every shadow-hunter, lycanthrope, they knew. Luke's pack had shown up along with all the Lightwoods friends. The only vampire there was Simon, and no fairies. Alec, Simon, and Jordan were all lined up in there matching tuxes. They had all stepped up as groomsmen. Simon was leaning towards walking with Clary since he was more connected to her. But after Jace's little comment on Simon in a dress and some other mean things, Simon backed down and joined the Jace train. Luke walked up and laced his arm through Clary's. Today Clary actually had someone to walk her down to the altar. To pass her on to the love of her life. Jace. God, she couldn't stop thinking about him. She felt like a little girl on sugar. He would smile at her, the smile that always made her feel light inside. They'd draw the necessary runes. And then they'd spend the rest of their lives..... Well forever actually, being angels together. The whole immortal deal. She smiled at Luke as they began to walk down the. When she reached Jace he smiled and grabbed her instantly. Clary blushed furiously.

The ceremony flew by. They said their vows, drew the runes and headed of to the reception. There were some shadow-hunter traditions at the wedding, and some mundane. They had more in common then Clary thought. There was the first dance, the feeding of cake. Jace had a little to fun with that and thought it would be funny to smear it on Clary's face. He made up for it by kissing her afterwards. Isabelle was furious though, and slapped Jace for ruining Clary's make-up, which she re-did.

Later Jace and Clary decided they needed some time alone. Jace led Clary to an old tree he remembered going to when he was a kid. If he ever just needed to be alone,or wanted to practice that's where he would go. They walked pretty far when Jace found the tree.

"What's this?" Clary asked.

"A tree." Jace grinned.

"I meant why are we here."

"I used to come to this tree when I was young. Oh my own of corse. It was like my own... hiding spot I guess. Where I could be alone."

" It's beautiful. What is it.?"

"Oak." said Jace. "You find it mostly with the fray, but the city has some tricks up its sleeve."

"It's beautiful." Clary said again. Jace turned on her.

"You're beautiful." Clary couldn't help but blush. A warm rush filled her cheeks. Jace could tell because he grinned.

"Didn't know I had that much effect on you, Fray. I should make you blush more often."

Clary giggled. "We'll its Lightwood now. And how do you know that's not my makeup?"

"We'll I've never seen blush all over somebody's face."

Jace sat down next to the tree. Clary placed herself beside him. She felt him grab her hand squeezing it. She returned the pressure.

"What are we going to do forever."


"But you do that every day."

He laughed. "Practice makes perfect."

"What else can we do?" Clary asked.

"Be together." Jace said.

"What else?" Clary smiled.

He smiled and sat up straighter. "How about this? It doesn't matter now. We have forever, we can do anything we can do whatever. We don't need a plan. Just each other. "

"But what about-"

"Clary," he cut her off. "All I've ever needed is you."

Clary smiled a big smile. "Forever," she said. "With you. That sounds perfect to me."

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