Want some cola??

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((Time for some X Edd....in this one the Reader is sad I don't know why but Edd saves the day and tries to cheer up the Reader))

(Reader's Pov)

I was sitting outside of the house on the porch, I just felt down lately I just miss my family and friends back home since I'm living with the gang now "sigh, I miss them so much". I say under my breath then I just look at the stars (and yes it's night time).

(Edd's Pov)

I was looking the fridge for some cola then I peeked my head up from the fridge at the window and see Y/N outside on the porch but She/He/They looked sad so I grabbed two colas from the fridge and go outside to comfort Y/N. I open the front door to see Y/N sitting on the porch,
I sit next to Her/Him/Them and say with a smile
"What a beautiful night we're having isn't just beautiful Y/N?".
She/He/they respond "Y..Yeah beautiful..".
And I respond back "Er...do you want some cola? Hopefully it'll cheer you up some".
I handed her/him/them a cola and Y/N said
"Sure...I guess...thank you Edd".
"So...what's wrong Y/N you seem down?" I say then Y/N got tearing eyed and said "Well...I miss my family and friends back home I just wish I could see them or just talk to them...".
I then I put my hand on her/his/their back say
"You're probably just home sick and that's okay..You can always video chat them if you want Y/N feel free too and I won't tell the gang that you cried I wouldn't want to embarrass you..heh😅".

(No Ones POV)

After Edd said that Y/N hugged Edd and said
"Thank you Edd...Thank you for everything and letting me live here with the gang".
Edd was surprised he hugged back and smiled
"No, Problem Y/N, I like seeing you happy and I'm happy that you're here even the gang is even if it doesn't seem like it...😅 What about we go inside and watch some movies that will probably keep your mind off it Y/N".
Y/N said "I would love to Edd".
Edd and Y/N went inside and watched movies all night until Y/N fell asleep on Edd...Edd just blushed and smiled at her/him/them and grabbed a blanket near by and whispered "Sweet dreams Y/N".

The End~

((Oh Sheet, boi
my heart...^<^
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