A Last Minute Date

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"What's bothering you?" Henry looked at his mother, who was sitting across the table and who didn't eat her dinner.
"What do you mean?" she asked him, with a questionable look.
"Well, you're nervous for some reason. And don't deny it."
"I've been thinking...."
"You've been thinking?" he asked her, when she stopped talking.
"How do you feel about Robin and Roland moving in with us?" she asked carefully.
Henry's jaw dropped. Robin, his mother's boyfriend and Roland, his son, moving in. That was unexpected. But that didn't mean it wasn't awesome, 'cause it was.
"Henry?" Regina asked him soft, since it was now him who didn't spoke anymore and it scared her, made her terrified she might have crossed a line he didn't want her to cross.
"That's... amazing."
"It is?" she asked surprised.
"It is. You know what? How about I go to Emma tonight so you can ask Robin to come over and ask him how he feels about it?" Henry suggested.
"Henry, it's almost six o'clock, maybe he already has plans, maybe Emma already has plans."
"She doesn't. And about Robin, you don't know when you don't ask right?" Henry smiled way to wickedly for Regina's liking, 'cause he knew he just turned her own words against her.
She sighed and slowly started to eat her now almost cold dinner.

When she was finished Henry started to bring everything to the kitchen and helped her do the dishes. Normally Robin helped her, but he wasn't here now. Mostly he and Roland came over when Henry was at Emma's place, so she wouldn't be alone. Which was almost always, so the Hood boys basically already lived here. In a way that Roland already had his own room.
"Can I go call Emma?" Henry asked her when they were almost done.
"Sure, go call her." his mother smiled as respond.
He ran off to the living room and grabbed the phone. When Regina finished the dishes she walked into the living room and heard her son talk on the phone to Emma. After a few minutes he ended the call and handed her the phone.
"I'm going upstairs, but you have to call him."
"Yes Henry, I will. Here, I'll prove you." she assured him, while scrolling through the contacts until she found Robin's name. Then she pressed call and lifted the phone to her ear. Henry smiled, gave her a thumbs up and ran up the stairs to his room.
"Regina?" Robin asked her, before she even said anything.
"Uh, hi."
"What's wrong?" he asked her.
"Nothing. I just... Would you like to come over tonight?"
"Uh, I would like to, but I don't know if the guys need me. Do you mind if I ask them?"
"No, I don't." she answered smiling, but she was still nervous. She heard Robin talk to Little John and then he was back.
"They don't need me, but are you sure there's nothing wrong?"
"Yes I'm quite sure, so at what time are you here?" she asked him. The moment she did she realised she didn't know when Emma would pick up Henry. But she didn't need to ask, cause that exact moment Henry screamed from upstairs that Emma will pick him up in about 40 minutes. She was pretty sure her son was eavesdropping her entire conversation with Robin.
"Emma will get Henry in about 40 minutes." she added when Robin stayed silent.
"Henry is leaving you 'cause I'm coming over?" Robin asked quietly.
Think fast Regina, think fast.
"No, he said he wanted to play Mario Kart against someone who is actually good at it."
She heard Henry laugh. Okay, she was a 100% sure he was listening.
"Ouch." Robin told her from the other side of the line.
"Yeah, it kinda hurts my feelings though." she laughed.
"You're not that bad." Robin laughed.
"She is!" Henry screamed from upstairs, and it totally prove her point of him listening to her while she talked to her boyfriend on the phone.
"Well, my son just told me I am." Regina whispered.
Robin just laughed and then told her he was coming over in about an hour.

Exactly 46 minutes later Emma picked Henry up and after that she waited 8 more minutes before she heard somebody knock. She slowly walked towards the door and then opened it.
"Hey." she smiled.
Robin looked worried. "Hey."
"Robin, I already told you, nothing's wrong."
"Sorry, I'm just worried."
"Well, don't be." she whispered. But she was still nervous, and Robin knew there was something she wasn't telling him.
"Regina... There is something and I want you to tell me what it is."
"Robin there's-"
She got interrupted by Robin. "Regina I know you good enough to know you don't do last minute dates, there's something going on and I want you to tell me what it is." The last part was exactly the same as what he just told her seconds ago, he just repeated it to make it clearer.
"You mind to come in? We better have this conversation inside."
The truth was, if they had this conversation at the door, it would be easier for him to just turn around and never return. So when they're inside, it would take a few seconds longer before he would disappear out of her life. And she was saving every moment before he would do that.
She took his hand and leaded him to the couch, where they sit down next to each other. Robin was starting to understand this was serious and he was suddenly scared she was about to break up.
"So, what's the problem?" he asked.
"If- if you don't want this, you don't have to." she said softly.
"What are you talking about?" he asked carefully.
"I was wondering if you wanted to move in."
"Move in?" he repeated.
"Yeah, you know, that you and Roland live here permanently."
"And you had that idea today?" he asked.
"Yes." she answered, no idea why he wanted to know that.
"Well then, was that the best idea you've ever had M'lady." Robin smiled.
"Wait, that's a yes?"
"Of course it's a yes." Robin answered before kissing her.
Maybe, and just maybe, he'll ever tell her how much she just scared him. But that moment was definitely not now. Cause, today (what's left of it) was about them and their lives together.

So here's chapter 2. I wrote very much chapters for this already and I don't know when exactly I will update again. Maybe tomorrow, maybe later today, I don't know... Also, I'm terribly sorry for any mistakes, 'cause I'm pretty sure I made quite a few...
Well, anyways, I hoped you liked this chapter.

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