Chapter 36

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 Ethan and Aaran stood at either end of the cave, a map of the palace stretched out before them.

“This is the last time that I'm asking you this, are you sure this is what you want to do? Evelyn may be special to you, but she is still just one girl, there are millions of girls out there, prettier and better than her, I don’t want to see you risking your life for someone who you may not even want in a few year’s time…”                                    

“Aaran, don’t. That won’t happen, I love Evelyn, I knew that I loved her ever since I was a child, and I know that she loved me back, I won't leave her here in this god forsaken place to suffer on my own. It doesn’t matter what will happen to me, I would rather die than leave this place without trying, without knowing if I could have saved her or not.” Said Ethan, recklessly, he looked over at Aaran over his shoulder; the glowing candle light was flickering in the soft breeze of the tunnels.           

It was dark, but Ethan had no trouble seeing his cousin crisp and clear even through the darkness of the cave.

“You have courage, and determination, something that not many people possess. Evelyn is a lucky girl, to have someone like you, willing to risk your life for her…” Aaran spoke slowly, his voice deep and gentle, but there was an edge to it. “But your opponent isn’t just some vampire, its Zayn Malik; he’s not a force to be reckoned with. Think this through Ethan, I beg of you. This isn’t a rescue mission. This is a suicide mission.” He stared at Ethan with a tender look of regret. “The odds aren’t with you, please, I don’t want to see you die, and neither does your parents.”

Ethan smiled and turned back to the separated fun pieces that lay on a made-shift table before him, a smile of confident smeared across his face. “But you’re going to help me, aren’t you?”

“What makes you say that?”

“Because if you’re not planning on helping me, by your strength, power and knowledge you would have thought of some sort of devious plan and deliver me to Australia, against my will or not. But you haven’t, at least not yet.”

“I’m foolish for letting you stay this long, living for almost a week underneath your arch nemesis isn’t the best of plan, but since the most dangerous place is often the safest and with the history of these tunnels, Zayn won’t look down here in a million years…” Aaran spoke with dominance and control, his voice echoed with confidence and authority. He was trying to make Ethan feel inferior and intimidated, but it wasn’t working.

“Don’t give me reasons.” Ethan smiled, surprisingly humorous given their situation. “If you aren’t going to help me then why did you let me stay for so long? You’re not a risk taker, we both know that. I'm sure my father’s orders don’t involve letting me camp under Zayn’s castle for a good week or two.” He turned himself around to face Aaran. “So, tell me, why are we still here?”          

“I thought I could change your mind and make you leave with me willingly. I know your personality, stubborn as a mule, you only listen to the things that you want to hear, no real expectations on reality. Games and gambles that you think you will always win, that’s what life is to you, and this trait will one day kill you.” The werewolf growled his blue eyes so bright that they seemed to glow. It was the first time that Aaran had ever threatened Ethan with the violence and power of his wolf side.        

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