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Pen Your Pride

The Nerd RayxProd

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Prod is the school nerd no one talks to him and the bad thing is that he is gay and he goes to a all boys school and he has a huge crush on the football captain he had these feelings for quit some time now but he never really told anybody about his feelings besides his parents and they support him 100%. So what prod doesn't know is that ray has a huge crush on him ever since freshman year of high school ( their sophomores now ) he wants prod but he doesn't know how to approach him that will all change soon.

It was last period and prod was changing into his school clothes when the captain of the football team came in and lead on the locker next's to prod he slowly examine prod from head to toe biting his lip, from what he saw prod on the other hand was scare has hell he didn't know what the captain wanted from him he finished changing his clothes and he close his locker and walked out the locker room when he felt someone next to him he turn his head and saw a smirking ray he Blushed a little and turn his head and ray finally spoke to him.

Ray: wassup beautiful

Prod: y- ou talking to me

Ray: yea who else who I'll be talking to

Prod: oh um u need something

Ray: no but I was wondering would you like to hang out with me

Prod: o_0 what u want to hang with me why

Ray: cause I think that your a cool person to hang with and plus your cute

Prod: what me cute????

Ray: yea I had a crush on u for sometime now

Prod: oh wow I don't know what to say

Ray: say that your make love to me and that you like me too

Prod: oh my god yes ray I like u too and I don't know about making love thing I'm a Virgin

Ray: I'll go slow I promise

Prod: ok

Ray slowly grab prods hand and lead him to the janitors closet he back him into the wall he slowly brought his lips to prod they move in sync Motion he slide his tongue across prod's bottom lip asking for entrance prod open his mouth and the two tongue's move has one prod moan in ray's mouth ray smirk in the kiss he brought his lips to his neck he began kissing his neck when he found his spot prod softly moan

Prod: uhhh

Ray: you like that baby?

Prod: y-esss

Ray: u want more

Prod: oh yasssssss

Ray slowly strip prod out of his clothes and admire his body ray when into his book bag and grab the lube he lube his self up and lube his fingers he push his fingers into prod's tight hole prod gasp he and relax and let ray fingers do the work ray whisper in prod,s ear "u like that" uhhh yasssssss prod answer ray took his fingers out and push his self in slowly he groan at how tight prod is

Ray: ahhh dam baby so tight

Prod: uhh ray go faster

Ray speed up a little all u heard was skin slapping together and moans and screams the two was making love for the first time in the school's janitors closet.

Ray: "going full speed" what's my name

Prod: uhhh r-ayy

Ray: nope

Prod: uhhh shit daddy fuck me harder

Ray: goes harder

Prod: uhhh daddy yassss right there don't stop ahh dam I'm gonna cum

Ray: me too baby shit u feel so good around me

Prod/Ray: ahhhh shit cums

They both got dress and walked out the door ray grab prods arm and turn him a around

Ray: will you be my boyfriend?

Prod: yes ray I will

Awwwwww cute ending. What u guys think

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