Chapter Sixteen: I am Still Jacob

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Staring at the ceiling of her bedroom, Gabriela tried to wrap her head around what had happened the day before; she still couldn't believe that the tribal legends had been true all this time. 

Gabriela kept replaying what had happened over and over in her head, it seemed like some sort of horrible dream and she wondered if she carried the gene that had caused Jacob to become like this. 

It was something that Gabriela felt that she should have been warned about, it didn't seem right that she could burst into a large wolf with no warning or preparation what so ever. 

Shaking her head, Gabriela sighed before moving to climb out of bed and prepare herself for the day; it was still raining outside and she doubted that they would be leaving the cabin anytime soon. 

She wasn't sure if she was quite ready yet to even make the rest of the trip with Jacob after what she had seen; it was all so life changing and she didn't know how she could ever see him as anything but different now. 

The trip itself had been awkward enough without all of this going on and Gabriela just didn't know how things would work out now; they had a long trip ahead of them to burn the necklace. 

Gabriela peeked towards her bedroom door, there had been no sign of Jacob since she had walked away from him last night and she was grateful that he was giving her some space. 

It was going to take some time for her to wrap her head around all of this, Gabriela wasn't sure that she would ever be able to look at him and not see the large russet wolf that he turned into.


Gabriela paused as she stepped into the kitchen, she couldn't help but stare at the sight of Jacob making breakfast and she had to stop; she suddenly wanted to turn around and go and hide in her bedroom again. 

"Nice to see you awake," Jacob called over his shoulder while he continued making breakfast, he had gone to get them some extra supplies while Gabriela had been asleep and seek some council from Sam Uley. 

He wasn't sure how to handle the fact that Gabriela now knew that he was a shape-shifter, it wasn't like the last time he had broken the news to someone. 

Bella had been the last person that Jacob had really told that he was a shape-shifter, it had been years ago and he knew that he should have never clued her in on what was going on. 

The case had been different with Nessie, she had grown up knowing his secret and there was nothing that he had hoped for more than things going well between them. 

"Take a seat... I'm nearly done with breakfast," Jacob continued with a smile, he was going to show her that he was still the same Jacob that she had always known. 

The fact that he burst into a giant wolf didn't change anything about him really, Jacob was here to protect people and he thought that he did his job really well all things considered. 

Gabriela slowly moved to sit down at the breakfast table, she didn't take her eyes from him unsure what to make of the fact that he was awake already and making breakfast. 

She sat at the table silently unsure what to make of any of this, Gabriela had thought that he would be avoiding her now that she knew about his secret. 

"There's orange juice on the table and I'll stick the kettle on in a moment," Jacob said peeking back at Gabriela as he started to plate up, he was just pleased right now that she wasn't hiding in her room away from him after what had happened.

Gabriela didn't say a word as she helped herself to some orange juice, she couldn't help but look at Jacob wondering why he was doing this; she wondered if he was scared that she was going to tell everyone about what she had seen. 

"How did you sleep?" Jacob asked trying to make some conversation while he moved to stick the kettle on, she was quiet and he worried that she was going to freak out or something. 

No one seemed as calm as Bella did when they found out about the shape-shifters and vampires, he had half expected her to run off screaming after facing a vampire last night. 

"I'm not going to tell anyone," Gabriela whispered eyeing Jacob, she was still unsure what to make of all of this and she hoped that he wasn't going to hold her hostage until he was sure that she could be trusted with the tribal secret. 

Jacob turned around and stared at her for a moment, he knew that she wasn't going to do that; it was one thing that he could trust about Gabriela was the fact that she wouldn't tell anyone. 

She had never been like that and Jacob was relieved that he could trust her, he couldn't imagine how strange this was all going to be for her when she went back home. 

"I know you wouldn't," Jacob replied moving to set her breakfast in front of her, he offered Gabriela a reassuring smile before he went to pat her hand. 

A shock ran between the two of them and the pair stared at one another a little surprised for a moment before Gabriela quickly looked away and focused on the food in front of her. 

It all looked amazing and her stomach grumbled at the smell, she couldn't remember the last time that someone had made her breakfast; Daniel couldn't cook to save his life and he hardly tried to learn to do simple things that would be this nice. 

Jacob cleared his throat and moved to get his own breakfast, he peeked at Gabriela knowing that they would be stuck here away and he hoped to show her that it was going to be okay.

Peeking down at her engagement ring, Gabriela shook her head knowing that it wasn't entirely fair to compare Jacob and Daniel; she was going to marry Daniel when this was all over and would never see Jacob again. 

Daniel liked California too much to even consider moving anywhere around here and he hated the rain, he would never consider even visiting Forks or La Push to see where Gabriela had grown up. 

This place would always be in the back of Gabriela's mind and she did hope that one day that she would get to share it with her future children. 

The two of them ate in silence left to their own thoughts about the spark that had happened, neither of them wanting to admit that it was clearly trying to tell them something. 

Jacob slowly ate his food thinking about what the spark could mean, he had never felt anything like that with Nessie and it made him think about what had been said about his imprint. 

He had been told that he had forced the imprint with Nessie and it had slowly start to unravel in recent months; Jacob couldn't help but think about the fact that he didn't feel as connected to Nessie anymore. 

He had seen what it was like for his pack brothers and it wasn't the same for him, he couldn't shake the feeling that he would lose her soon; Jacob hated that this might be happening when he had already lost one woman that he loved. 

Nessie had been understanding when she had learnt of his past with her mother, she had been a little upset but she understood that he didn't love Bella like that anymore. 

Jacob racked his mind for what might be going on between them and he had a feeling that a talk with Embry when he got back from this trip was much needed. 

"Thank you for breakfast," Gabriela whispered when she was finished, she got to her feet to wash up knowing that it was only fair that she cleaned since he had cooked. 

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