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For those who haven't read the Book 1 of Loving you was perfect, go to my profile > works. It's is consisted with 48 parts I think? And 45 chapters. Some chapters are kinda lame so I'm sorry for that. So, shall we proceed? :)

Hi theeeereee! I'm back and I'm with this Book 2 that all of you waited! Yayyy! I hope you'll like this too like how you liked the first book or first story. Thankyou for continuous support you've given me from the start and now we're here! I hope you'll anticipate this more and keep on voting~ Heheheh.

If you read the teaser on Book 1, you can skip this prologue. Thankyou :)


Luhan is driving on his  way to work. "Wait. Let stop by to the coffee shop first. I forgot  something." Sehun said. Yes, Luhan is with Sehun. They started going out  together since Sehun is also working on the company as Luhan's  secretary. But Sehun goes to work only in the morning. Because on the  afternoon, he have to go to his coffee shop which was given by Xiumin to  him.

They stopped at the  coffee shop and decided to have some coffee first before going. They are  seated right beside the glass window so they can see who's walking.  It's Luhan's favorite spot tho. It reminds him of the memories.

They are having fun talking with each other but interrupted when someone familliar captured Luhan and Sehun's attention.

But suddenly Chen  appeared on the glass window which made them startled. Chen quickly  enters the shop and sit with them while bursting out laughing. "Damn  you, Jongdae!!" Sehun said while holding his chest and hit Chen on the  arms. "It's because you guys looked like you saw a ghost! You didn't  even notice me coming!" Chen said cheerfully.

"But do you know what we saw?" Sehun asked.

"Ofcourse not! Are you  kidding me? I just came, how would I know that?" Chen jokingly said and  Sehun hit him. "Be serious man. We saw Minseok hyung." Sehun said. At  that time, Chen became serious and faced Luhan. "Really?"

Luhan nodded while  sipping on his coffee. "But how? He's gone for almost 4 years. And  almost everybody are telling that he is already dead." Chen asked  confusingly.

"It scared me, seriously." Sehun exclaimed while gently tapping his face. Maybe it was just a dream, he said to himself.

"I clearly saw him. I can't be wrong." Luhan said while in his deep thoughts.

"But he is with a girl. I think he is already married. So, it can't be hyung." Sehun explained.

"Whatever it is, forget  it. It's been years. If he's alive, he should've showed up somewhere or  even to you Luhan. But he didn't." Chen said while eating the cookie  left.

"Aish. Let's go. We'll be late." Luhan said and stood up.

"I'm coming too! Let me stay on your office. I'll just go talk with those girls." Chen said while opening the car door.

"You'll just flirt!" Sehun said while laughing. Luhan started driving and they reach the company building.

Minutes after, they reached the building.

The two entered first. Luhan stayed because he said he'll just fix some things.

He locked the car doors and started walking but he bumped to someone.

"Oh sorry sorry. Are you hurt?" Luhan asked and looked at the person he bumped.

"Freya?!" Luhan almost shouted in shock.

"Excuse me? I-I'm not  Freya. My name's Raein. (pronounced as Rain)" The girl said. She bowed  and walked away leaving Luhan still in state of shock.

"I can't be wrong. It's  Freya. She's the girl who is with that guy we thought as Minseok. She  also disappeared 3 years ago.. same with Minseok..

what is happening?" Luhan confusingly said to himself.

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