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~Still Jimin's P.O.V~

My sister pulled me towards the 'seafood' section and stared at me giddily."She's (Y/N)?!Oh my gahd,she's perfect for you Jimin-ah!"She whisper-yelled to me.I shut her up with my hand before signalling to her,'Do we have everything we need?' and she nodded at me after she scanned the cart.I walked towards the cashier and saw that (Y/N) is in line and I'm right behind her.She saw me and waved at me happily.I chuckled a little before getting my groceries scanned and paying for them.

"Jimin,Annyeong!"(Y/N) said to me just as she and her brother,Yu...Yugi...whatever,head to their car.I waved at her before going with my own sister."Seriously,Jimin,you need to ask her out!"My older sister,Minji (saw wut I did there? No? Okay...) said out loud,completely unaware that (Y/N) is basically 5 metres away from us.'Noona! Lower your voice! She could hear you!'I signalled to her and her mouth was immediately clamped shut.She glanced around before waving at (Y/N) who seems to be waiting for her brother to take the bags that's in her hands and load it into the trunk.

(Y/N) smiled back at us and looked back at her brother before her slow voice echoed from the spot she was standing at and her lips moved to form the words."Yah pabo! Don't put it like that! You're going to spill it!".I laughed internally at their cute interaction and got inside the car right after my sister had started the engine.She started driving towards our house while ranting about 'how cute me and (Y/N) would be as a couple *cough*notthatIdidn'tlikeit*cough*','What we should do on our first date' and other stuffs,ending her sentences with the same words,"You should totally date her!" making me roll my eyes.

'I really wanted to shout and ask you to shut up but that's impossible,y'know?'I signalled when I saw her looking at me since the light is red.She laughed and continued her rant while I could just facepalm and sit at the back like a kid who's sulking from the lack sleep and food.

~15 minutes later (no idea)~

'Jeez,I get it already,can you please be quiet!?'I signalled to my sister after we had arrived home."Okay,okay,whatever you say,shortie."She said with an obnoxious laugh before opening the door.The two of us was greeted by our dad who was watching the television in the living room while mom is in the kitchen."What took you two so long?"Mom's voice was clearly unsatisfied."Sorry mom,the traffic was quite busy."Minji said.It wasn't a lie but it wasn't actually the truth either.Thank goodness that our mom decided to believe it and told us to carry the groceries to the kitchen.A few hours later,all of us ate dinner silently.

-Huge Time Skip to 2 days later (At your house)-

(Narrator's P.O.V)

You just had a shower and was in the middle of combing your hair when you received a message.You slide your thumb across the screen and you saw an incoming message from Jimin.
7:05 a.m.

(Y/N)-ah,wanna go and grab breakfast with me at the cafe?

7:05 a.m.

Sure,where do we meet up?

7:06 a.m.

Since the cafe is in the same direction as your house,I'll come and pick you up.

7:07 a.m.

Okay,it's a date then ;D
(At Jimin's house)

His face flushed at the thought of going out on a date with you.He never knew it would actually happen like how his sister had planned it to be.Jimin's blood seems to rise onto his face more as he remembered the smile you flashed him when he first talked to you.

-(Get ready for some boring)Flashback-

Jimin was alone at the school's garden since it's lunch time and he wasn't really feeling hungry.He closed his eyes for a few moments,trying to get some sleep but it didn't work when he heard a soft voice not too far from the bench he's currently sitting on."Where the heck is that thing?I need it for culinary class!"Was heard by Jimin,followed by a rather angry grunt.Jimin ignored the voice and closed his eyes again."It should be around he-Wahhh!!"The voice from earlier was heard,yet again,by Jimin.He opened his eyes and saw a girl with (h/l) (h/c) locks and (e/c) eyes sitting on the ground in front of him while clutching her shirt where her heart is.

"D-did I i-interrupted something?"You asked.Jimin shook his head and you sighed in relief."Oh,umm have you..by any chance,saw a blue pouch anywhere?"You asked softly as if you're afraid that Jimin might be mad because his alone time had been disturbed.Jimin took out something from his blazer's pocket and handed it to you."Oh my god,thank you so much!"Jimin couldn't help but to smile at how relieved you looked at that moment."By the way,my name is (Y/N)! Nice to meet you!"You exclaimed with a huge smile.Just before you could ask what his name was,a friend of his approached the two of you and pulled Jimin up."Come on,Jimin hyung!Classes are starting already!"The brunette had said and you recognized him as Jungkook.

Jimin glanced back at you and you flashed another smile at him."Well,see you later Jimin-ssi!"You bowed and immediately ran off to your class.Jimin smiled because he knew he'll be seeing you in culinary class later.

-End Of Flashback-

He stood up from his bed and went to get ready for your little 'date'.Jimin glanced at his phone one last time before heading out to go to your house.

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