Death, death, and - oh hey - DEATH!

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This chapter is dedicated to funkydj18 (I swear that I will do a proper dedication once I find out how XD)

"Pennelope? Hagrid?"

I struggled to raise myself out of the debris of metal and leather that surrounds me; my hands sank inches into muddy water as I tried to stand. I understand that Pennelope's bump intervened with Voldemort, but why had he gone? Something hot and wet trickled down my chin from my forehead. I crawled out of the pond and stumbled toward the great dark mass on the ground that was Hagrid.

"Hagrid? Hagrid, talk to me -"

But the dark mass did not stir.

"Who's there? Is it Potter? Are you Harry Potter?"

I didn't recognise the voice, I stepped in front of Hagrid, knowing I was week but would defend him to my last. Then a woman shouted, "she's unconscious, Ted! I've got her! They've crashed! Crashed in the garden!"

My head swam, my vision shrunk to the point where I was looking down a dark tunnel, the light growing farther away.

"Pennelope," I said stupidly before my knees buckled.

Next thing I know I'm lying on my back on what felt like cushions, with a burning sensation in my ribs and right arm. My missing tooth had regrown. The scar on my forehead still throbbing.

"Pennelope? Hagrid?" Seems to be the only thing I can utter at the moment.

I opened my eyes and see that I am lying on a sofa in an unfamiliar, lamppost sitting room. My rucksack lay on the floor a short distance away, wet and muddy. A fair- haired, big bellied man was watching me anxiously from across the room.

"They're fine, son," the man said, looking at me."The wife's seeing to them now. How are you feeling? Anything else broken? I've fixed your ribs, your tooth, and that arm. I'm Ted, by the way, Ted Tonks - Dora's fath-"

"DO DO DO DODO DORA!" A voice yelled.

"You can't be out of bed yet!" A stern voice yelled.

"Harry -" I leaned back slightly to see Pennelope looking around wildly. I sat up maybe too quickly: lights popped in front of my eyes and I felt sick and giddy.


"Easy, now," Ted said, placing a hand on my shoulder and pushing me back against the cushions.

"Pennelope, you can't be up yet -"

"I am an independent woman!" She suddenly yelled, a finger pointing at the ceiling. "Who don't . . . Who don't . . ." There was a grunt and Ted stood up, I sat up slightly again to see the two lifting Pennelope up, her head lolling around.

"That was a nasty crash you just had," Ted said when he returned. "What happened, anyway? Something wrong with the bike? Arthur Weasley overstretch himself again, him and his muggle contraptions?"

"No, " I said, as my scar pulsed like an open wound. "Death Eaters, loads of them - we were chased -"

"Death Eaters?" Ted said sharply. "What d'you mean, Death Eaters? I thought they didn't know you were being moved tonight, I thought -"

"They knew," I said, placing a hand over my forehead.

"Well, we know our protective charms hold, don't we? They shouldn't be able to get within a hundred yards of the place in any direction."

I understand now why Voldemort vanished; it was the point when the motorbike crossed the barrier of the Order's charms. I hope they continued to work: I imagine Voldemort a hundred yards above us as we speak.

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