I couldn't sleep last night. So today I woke up early in the morning, at 4AM to be exact. I logged onto MSN and started chatting to this guy who I've been talking to for the past year and a half. The guy who I'd thought was Jake yesterday when he mentioned having an MSN account. But there was no way it could be Jake.

miss_aqua :hey u

phineas&ferb: hey aqua, why r u awake at this time 

miss_aqua : I couldn't sleep, u? 

phineas&ferb: me 2 

miss_aqua : this is so not fair 

phineas&ferb: wat? 

miss_aqua : u know my name and I don't know yours

phineas&ferb: You know it though

miss_aqua : no I don't 

phineas&ferb: we're friends...kinda...anyways, do u have a date for prom 

miss_aqua : no. I wasn't planning on going

phineas&ferb: do u wanna go together 

miss_aqua : sure but how will I know it's u 

phineas&ferb: I'll tell u its me 

miss_aqua :okay I gotta get ready for school. bye

phineas&ferb: see you at school

I log off and decide to have an early start. When I got out of the shower, it was actually sunny outside. Wow, the sun...it hasn't been sunny in the morning for a while now. I put my bikini on, so that I could go to the beach later. 

I got my phone and texted Mia. 

Me: can we ditch last period and go to the beach, the weathers nice 

Mia: you read my mind. I'll call Adam and tell him. see ya.


"Morning Trish" I say 

"Morning sunshine" 

"I'm gonna go get started on the dishes in the kitchen ok?" 


There weren't a lot of plates, so I was done in no time. I rinsed my hands and went to the counter. Trish was already serving Jake and his friends their drinks. Shit. I missed my chance.  

I went and sat by one of the stools and took out my i-pod, but Regan came up to me before I could plug it in. 

"Morning Aqua!" Ree says 

"Hey Ree" I say, smiling. 

"So do you want a ride to school or is Adam coming to pick you up?" 

My mouth fell open and Regan says, 

"Close your mouth a fly might get in" I laugh at my stupidness and punch him lightly on the shoulder. 

"I'm just shocked" I say. 

"We're friends right?" he asks 

"Yup!" I say, and grab my back. 

He opens the door for me and we walk out. My life is awesome!

When we get in the car, I text Adam, telling him not to pick me up, I know I have a lot of explaining to do. 

"Who are you texting?" Regan asks. 

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