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Alfie's POV

But I just...adfjjshgshsjllsjhk. Now she's getting ready for the date and I have nothing planned out!

Marcus: Cheer up lad! It's fine. I've gotten everything planned out here. *passes note*

Alfie: You genius! I love yoy mate! You are the awesomest yet bestest person in this room.

Marcus: Thanks! Wait... What?! In this room?! Alfie! Meanie! *pouts*

Alfie: What a big baby... sheesh can't believe I'm still friends with that guy.

Zoella's POV

I thought to myself: this is really rushed, but something tells me that he is in fact not a pedo but a really nice and sensitive guy. Whenever I look at him,he just makes the butterflies in my stomach party. (really a party?) I picked out a dress I hadn't worn before. I saved the dress for a special occasion. This is counted a super uber special occasion.

It is sparkling gold with one strap. I wore bright red lipstick and a tad of mascara. I walked out of the door to find a really cute Alfie. He was wearing a blue tux and a tie around his neck. I walked towards him and spotted a beautiful shining black car behind him.

"You look amazing" Alfie commented while breaking the silence "thank you, ypu don't look too bad too." we smiled at each other before entering the car. As I buckled my seatbelt, I felt an extra large butterfly party in my stomach. Alfie notice my worried expression and gave me a tight reassuring hand squeeze.  At that momment, the party died down. I felt better already. We drove of to this fancy looking hotel about an hours drive my place. Alfie settled with the valet guy and we walked hand in hand down the red carpet leading to the high class restaurant. As we entered, I saw many people staring at us before continuing to eat their fairly small portion of their meal. The waiter spotted us standing at the entrance and nodded at Alfie. " Sir Deyes, great to see you again. It's been a long time since you Mr. and Mrs Deyes had dined here. And who is this beautiful lady here?" I blushed as the waiter, Roger which was written on his name tag, complimented me. "This beautiful lady is my date. She doea look beautiful doesn't she." Alfie replied. Is it getting hot in here or what? Roger brought us to our seats and Alfie started ordering. I let him order since I was a noob at choosing high class food. As we were eating, a classical waltz song which played. Alfie looked at me and before I knew it, his hand was pulling me to the middle of the room. I looked at him and gave him a I-have-no-idea-how- to-dance look. He just smiled back and put both my hands on the back of his neck and both his hands on my waist.

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