A note for readers of Children of the Plague

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This note is for readers of Children of the Plague. There are no spoilers here.

The TLDR version of this note is this:

SAND contains some profanity and violence.

While the SAND series is a prequel to Children of the Plague, it is a much darker, grittier story. It contains violence, profanity, and some fairly mature themes. If these things bother you, you should skip this story.

Here is the slightly longer explanation:

If you have read any of my work here on Wattpad, you probably know that I really love sharing my stories and interacting with my fellow Wattpadians as they read along. I feel like I have a great relationship with my readers, and out of respect for that relationship I want to give a heads up that this story has a very different tone than Children of the Plague(CotP) or Killing Tiffany Hudson(KTH).

Many of you, both younger and older readers, have thanked me for sharing stories with a minimal amount of profanity and violence (against humans). Like you, I think that a good story doesn't need gratuitous violence or vulgarity. Because I understand and respect this view, I have been reluctant to share more of SAND here on Wattpad. I have tried to edit and rewrite the story to make it more appropriate for younger and more sensitive readers, but I'm just not happy with the way it turned out.

As you already know, CotP is about (ostensibly) a fourteen-year-old girl. She is a bit of Southern Belle, and dislikes vulgarity of any form. SAND, however, is a story about a man on a mission of vengeance. He swears. The bad guy(s) is(are) VERY bad. People die—sometimes in pretty gruesome ways. The violence and profanity are not gratuitous. I couldn't eliminate them from the story without sacrificing the sense of authenticity.

I hope this doesn't deter you from reading along as I post chapters in the coming weeks. Overall I'm really happy with this story, and I think many of you will love it. For those of you who want to take this journey with me, I'm delighted to have you come along for the ride. Feel free to share your thoughts, comments, and even critiques. This is a work in progress, and your input could have an impact on the final version.

For readers who don't think this story is for you, I respect and applaud you. And don't worry! I have more stories to share that you will enjoy, too. I promise I'll let you know when I start posting them.

From this point on, be ready for a gritty, but exciting story that I hope you are going to love.

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