Privacy of 210: Caught In Misfortune Events

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Chapter 1:

Caught In Misfortune Events

Sometimes we question if destiny already knew the future ahead of us. Don't confuse me with those superstitious people here. I'm no more than a guy figuring out the world.

Transferring from high school to University was a huge step for those willing to take the leap. You'd never know what the year 2002 had install for us. Just recently, Birrarung Marr Park opened, and despite how busy the state was, many couples and families have walked along the bridge to check it out.

I walked around the front of Prestwick West University, analyzing the many faces I would be accustomed to seeing once in a while. Students and adults alike walked along the footpath with luggage trailing behind them. A bunch on brunette girls in light blue jeans and spaghetti strap shirts giggled as they walked by my stance and being the person I was, winked.

Standing along the sidewalk alone led many funny looks shooting my way. Or maybe they're just curious to see why a really hot guy in black fitted shirt and jeans with messy brown locks was wondering outside like a weirdo. I mean, there's only one of me around this place.

I was made to stand here for a particular reason. My dorm had been transferred to a new one, seeing how the receptionist had mixed my name with someone else's. I called this foul play. While the guy was getting accustomed to his new dorm, I had to wait out here, alone, until someone came out to get me.

What was I, seven?

"Apparently" I muttered as I watched a kid around twelve walking with a blonde hair woman, reminding him to behave when seeing his dad. They must be family members of someone working at the uni.

Grabbing my backpack and luggage, I followed them towards the front entrance of the building, the reception, when something thick and heavy rolled over my foot.

"Ugh, the heck," I growled.

"Oh, I'm s-Justin!"

The familiar voice jerked my head to face the oh so familiar face. The girl had curly brown hair, freshly cut and just grazing her shoulders. Her eyes, the outside of an almond, gazed at me with the same familiar look. Well, of course her face is familiar, seeing how that girl happened to be my twin.

I rolled my eyes as she jumped towards me, her luggage forgotten beside me. "Oh, I thought we'd never see each other again!"

I sighed. "We saw each other last night, Jenny."

She pulled back and punched my arm. I hissed as she laughed. "Mum's upset she didn't get to say goodbye. Leaving before the family photo again, Justin? Tsk, I wonder how she's taking it now."

I shrugged. "You would know, you saw her this morning. Besides, it's not like I'm never gonna see her again. It's called the weekend for a reason."

Jenny folded her arms across her chest and shook her head. "You know how mum is."

I mimicked her actions. "Shouldn't you be going to your dorm or something?"

The smile that slipped away from her face came back. Arms unfolded, she reached for her luggage once again. "Yeah, I'm just waiting on a couple of friends."

My eyes frowned at her. "I didn't know Demi and Joanna applied here."

"Oh, no they went to RMIT. No, I'm talking about some other friends of mine."

Before I asked who she was talking about, she pressed a kiss to my cheek. "I'll see you around, Justin." She walked away to the front desk, her luggage almost tripping a geeky looking fella. In shock and amusement, I watched as she swung around to apologise, almost hitting another person in the process.

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