Chapter seven

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It's been 4 hours, 4 freaking hours since I left him.

"I can't look at him in the eyes again" I told myself.

"Oh fuck! Camilla you have done worst!" My brain told me.

I stood up and went to the living room. There were no noises, he was no longer here.

I was all alone in this huge flat, in HIS huge flat.

I went to the kitchen. I was literally starving since I had only made Mr.bipolar's breakfast.

While I was preparing my lunch I thought about the fact that my father hasn't done anything yet to find me. What the fuck was he doing?

After I finished preparing my salad I went on the sofa and watched some Netflix while I was eating.

The phone that was in the kitchen started rigging.

At first I didn't know if I had to answer it or not but I was too bored. Sorry not sorry.

"Hello" I said.

"Hello Miss Ricci? It's Myrna. Mr. Albrizzi is coming back in 5 hours. I have to explain you what you have to do before." She said in her angelic voice.

"Can't you come here?"

"No, my dear, I am so busy right now, I'm sorry" She said in a guilty voice.

"Don't worry Myrna. So, tell me what I have to do" I had never been this nice with someone before.

"You just have to clean Mr. Albrizzi bedroom and fitness room."

"Am I really going to be Mr. Albrizzi's maid ?"

"Yes, he wants you to be his only maid. Now If he is not here, no one can enter his apartment except you and I ."

"Oh okay"

"I'm sorry darling, I have to leave! Good luck miss Ricci." She said.

"Thank you, ciao " then I hung up.

I went to his bedroom where I left his breakfast earlier and noticed that he ate all of it. I felt proud, I don't know why but I felt proud.

I started cleaning , I did his bed and put a few things back at there places, I then went to his bathroom and cleaned it. I went to his dressing and it hit me : " What the fuck am I doing ?This mother fucker kidnapped me, he makes me work for him, he treats me like a dog and me I'm fucking acting like one !" I told myself.

I was to kind since the beginning , Tino Albrizzi was going to meet the real Camilla , the mafia princess as he liked to call me.

I went back to the salon and watched TV all day waiting for this asshole.

At 8 p.m he went back home, I was still on the sofa. He opened the door and slapped it loudly. He was really angry, he didn't even bothered looking at me. He took off his jacket and threw it on me then he went directly in his bedroom. I stayed there like an idiot.

Tree minutes passed.

"CAMILLA!" I heard him yell from his bedroom.

"I'm in deep shit" I thought . I stood up.

When I opened the door he was right there, he took me by the throat slammed me on the nearest wall , he was hurting me .
"Who do you think you are cagna " he said in a low voice.

"I'm not playing at your stupid little game. I'm a man, a real one and you" he pointed his finger at my face with the hand that wasn't holding my throat "you are still a teen! You think you can disrespect me without being punish ? You don't know me angelo, oh no you don't" he chuckled "Because if you knew you wouldn't have done this" He said and all his face started to become red. He was so tense.

I shouted at his face "What the fuck are you doing! Let me go!" I tried to escape but he wouldn't budge. He started to get on my nerves.

"You a real man?" I sarcastically laughed at his face " Do you think a "real man" will injure physically a teenage girl and even worst? Do you think a real man would sexually abuse of someone he consider like a "teenage girl"?" I said right in his face. "And for finish" I said right in his eyes.

Then I did something crazy.

I grabbed him by the balls through his pants. He looked at me straight into the eyes.

He was a little surprise I believe but he staid proud, he staid in his position of superiority.

Our faces were close, really close.

"I am not a teen anymore." I said in a proud voice.

I was holding him by the balls! I was holding Valentino Albrizzi by his fucking balls.

"I'm not that sure" He said with a smirk of his. He was looking at me intensely .

A few seconds later, I felt something hard in my hand and when I realized it was is fucking dick I let my grip go.

"You are still a child and this" He said with his stupid smirk "This is the proof" He looked briefly at were my hand where earlier then back at my eyes.

"I'm not a child or a teen anymore ! I'm a woman !" I said in a annoyed ton.

"Why didn't you cleaned my room like a real Italian woman then?" He said.

"Wait what? Are you kidding me? Do you really think woman are just made to clean the house and do kids? Are you brainless dickhead? " I was so angry at him. Since I'm little, guys and men around me think the same way as Tino about women and it always piss me off.

"You women are all shit, you all want one thing and it's money and sex from men" He said straight into my eyes.

"So you are telling me your mother is a whore then ?"

When I said that he became all red, his eyes darkened. I knew he was going to hit me but I also knew that his gun was in his back, blocked in his belt, I noticed it earlier in case I needed it. I took this moment to grab it. I knew how to use one before knowing how to walk . I pointed the gun in between his eyes.

"You are a dead man Tino Albrizzi " I said in my coldest voice.

He stared at me, he didn't flinch, all he did was looking at me.

"Do you really think you can escape like that? Do you think I'm that stupid to don't lock every single fucking doors of my apartment with a code you cagna" he said in a dangerous voice. I noticed by the way that when he is angry his Italian accent is more present when he talk.

He was right I couldn't escape with out being killed myself.

"Fuck you" I yelled and then punched him several times with the gun. He felt on the floor unconscious.

"Shit what have I done" I told myself.

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