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Pen Your Pride

Ch. 7 Keep Telling Yourself Its Not Embarrassing

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"My parents are here?" I squeak. I know my cheeks are glowing red. This cannot be happening! Kill me, just kill me now! I panic.
Lennox still looks mad about being interrupted, he confirms this when he growls at the door. I hear my parents come in. I groan and tuck my head under his chin resting it on his chest. I'm practically naked sitting on the Alpha's lap. Maybe they won't see me? Stupid, stupid, stupid.
"Jocelyn. What are you doing?" My mom asks confused.
"Ah, I. Its ju-" I try to get off of Lennox's lap but again he doesn't let me move.
"What do you need?" Lennox interrupts and plays with my hair. I'm so glad I can't see my parents' faces.
"We need to talk to you about Jocelyn." My dad answers.
Lennox waits for my father to continue. Finally, my dad does. "When we went back to visit my sister, Alpha Rhys approached us. He wants Jocelyn to come back to the pack. He plans to claim her the day of the Alpha Challenge."
"No." Lennox states.
I look behind me at my parents, my dad looks nervous and my mom looks downright scared. "Why would he want me all of a sudden?" I ask, shocked at his announcement. Alpha Rhys has always been nice to me, but never affectionate. Honestly, he's almost as scary as Lennox.
My father decides to speak directly to Lennox. "Apparently, he always has. Beta Burnett was in charge for two months while Alpha was away in Mackinaw City sorting out land contracts. I got the job with you, sir. We moved here with Beta Burnett's permission. Beta Burnett didn't know of Alpha Rhys' plans for Jocelyn. Alpha Rhys lied about my sister being in a car accident. He thought Jocelyn would come back with us and he was going to get her to accept a claim from him or keep her until the challenge. He didn't plan on you refusing the request to let her leave the territory."
"She's mine." Lennox growls so loudly I feel it vibrate from his chest. It causes me to jump but he holds me against him tightly and rubs my back. Even as he rubs my back I am still afraid of him. The earlier kiss we shared forgotten. Alphas are known to be volatile when they're angry, it can't be helped. When their tempers start to show, you should expect the worst. I've seen it first hand with Alpha Rhys, that's why I am so afraid of big men. Especially, Alphas.


I was walking home from school with my best friend Angela my sophomore year of high school. We took a short cut deciding to take a run to the local diner and getting a strawberry milkshake and fries. Everything was fine, we even met up with a boy Angela liked and he offered to walk us home. Knowing Angela wanted to be alone with him, I told them to leave without me , that I wanted to stop at the library. After they left I went into the woods to run home. I felt a presence behind me and turned to see Rodger Valiant. He was a senior, the only reason I know him is because he and Marta are friends and he comes to dinner a lot. "Hey, Rodger."
He doesn't respond he only looks at me. I notice he doesn't have a shirt on. I eye his muscled chest and the flexing of his arms as he clenches and unclenches his fists. "Who were you with?" He demands to know.
"Angela." I answer, starting to feel uneasy.
"And Jim Resinger."
"Yeah, Angela likes him. Are you okay?" I ask, seeing that his arms are now shaking.
"He was sitting next to you."
"Yes." I nod. I don't know what to say to take away his anger. I don't understand why he's even mad. "Did I do something wrong?"
"Don't talk to another male again." He orders. Then seconds later he's on top of me. I can feel his breath on my neck. "Mine." He states. I feel his tongue on my neck and I start whimpering.
"No! Stop!" I scream at him clawing at his arms and back.
"Get off of her now!" I hear Alpha Rhys command. Rodger stops immediately, complying with the Alpha command. Alpha Rhys stomps closer, I see his wolf surfacing. He backhands Rodger sending him into a tree. He follows after him picking him up and punching him repeatedly. I hear the crunch of his face being smashed. I look on horrified as Alpha Rhys continues his beating, snapping his arms and legs. At one point, I throw up and Beta Burnett lifts me up, walking away with me.
I know without a doubt Rodger is dead.

-End of flashback-

"Jocelyn." I hear in my ear.
"Huh? Yes?"
"Why are you shaking?"
"I was remembering something."
"Tell me."
I swallow, my throat feeling like sandpaper. "Alpha Rhys killed a boy who attacked me. I was thinking about his temper." I reply, truthfully.
"He won't touch you. He won't even see you again."
"I still have family in that pack. What if he hurts them?"
He looks away from me and to my parents. "Your sister and other family members are welcome to join the Blue Shore Pack. If they can get out of the pack, they'll be protected here." He offers.
"Thank you, Alpha Hall."
"You can go now." Lennox dismisses, making it sound like an order. I watch as my parents turn to leave.
"Alpha, would you like to come for dinner tonight?" My mom asks awkwardly before leaving.
"Yes. Thank you." He replies. Smiling my mom walks after my father out of the door.
"Should I go with them?"
"Hell, no." He growls and kisses me again. This kiss is more consuming, passionate and demanding than the first. I'm shocked by his intensity. I can't help but respond, my mouth is his. Until another knock on the door interrupts us and he yells, "What?!"
"I have- your ric-e crispy tr-eats." A woman stammers.
He leans his head back and closes his eyes. I can't help but laugh. I think this is the only time I've seen him not control his reaction. He opens his eyes and looks at me. "This is not funny."
I giggle harder. "Sorry." I apologize, smothering a smile. He grins back.
"Come in." He calls out. A woman comes in with a plate of rice crispy treats and I see her hands shaking. I know exactly how she feels. I smile at her but she has her head down. Placing them on the desk she waits to be dismissed which Lennox eagerly does.
"Would you like to swim?" He asks, handing me a rice crispy treat.
"Okay, I'm sure everyone is still at the falls."
"Not the falls. I'm not letting anyone see you in that."
"My bathing suit?" I ask, looking down.
"If that's what you want to call it." He replies, huskily looking over my body.
I blush. "Okay, where are we swimming?"
He stands up carrying me to out of the room. I turn my head trying to see where we're going. I see his living room and through the French doors is an underground pool. He walks outside and sets me down on a patio chair. He kisses my lips softly. "I need to change. I'll be right back." I nod and watch the water. Thinking over the past half hour I'm still a little shocked. I didn't even know my dad worked for Lennox. I hear the doors open and my heart rate picks up at the sight of him coming towards me in black board shorts and nothing else.
I look away and walk to the edge of the pool and dip my toe in. It's the perfect temperature. I jump in and Lennox does the same. I surface and wipe the hair out of my face.
"My dad works for you?"
"Yes. Most of the pack does."
"Do you like being the Alpha?" He nods. I want to ask him why he's choosing to claim me. I bite my lip and think of other things to ask him. "Why did you choose me? You don't even know me." I blurt.
His expression doesn't change as he looks at me. "I might not know everything about you, but I can tell you're different."
"I'm not different."
"Yes, you are. You're better." He states.
I shake my head. This is what he comes up with? This is why he wants me? "I'm not better than anyone." I disagree again. "You're going to be very disappointed when you see that."
"You're perfect. That statement alone tells me that."
I decide to drop the subject. It could have been worse. At least he didn't say he likes me because of my looks. "You're not at all concerned about potentially having pups as small as I am?"
He growls lowly in his throat. "No, the only concern I have about that is wanting to claim you at this moment. Don't talk about making pups if you want to leave here a virgin."
My mouth drops open and I look away blushing. There's something about knowing he wants me that makes my blood rush through my veins. I feel my nipples tighten and I get even more embarrassed. I know he notices, he never misses a thing. I start to back away from him.
"Don't move another inch." I freeze. I can hear his breathing has changed; he's fighting with his wolf. "Don't move away from me, it makes me think of chasing you, mating you."
I nod. When he's in control of himself I say, "I should go home. I need to shower before dinner." He doesn't reply. He just gets out and pulls me out after him. We walk to a lounge chair with towels on it and he wraps a towel around my shoulders. He doesn't towel off but walks into the house and I follow him.
We go out of the front door and he lifts me up into his truck and drives me back home. I know there's going to be a lot of questions. Good thing I told Marta most of it or it would be a lot worse.

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