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Hello, Guys! It's me Xander. I'm back again with questions and answers! So, have fun!


Would you rather have a house in the sky? Or have a house in underwater?

-Have a house in the sky.

Would you rather be very poor and very smart? Or very rich and very stupid?

-Be very poor and Very smart. Because if your smart you can join to any contest that have prizes like money.

Would you rather be the smartest person in your school? Or be the most popular?

-Be the smartest person. Popular won't do anything to you. It just a fame, but if your the smartest, then your parents will be proud of you and you will have a good future.

Would you rather be really good at soccer? Or really good at basketball?

-I can play in basketball. Soccer? I haven't tried playing it. So, i guess be really good in soccer.

Would you rather eat a dead rat? Or eat a live worm?

-What the fuck?

Would you rather go to the beach and forget a towel? Or go to the beach and forget a sunscreen?

-Forget a towel. I won't swim anyways.

Would you rather live w/o music? Or live w/o TV?

-Live without TV, of course! I don't watch TV anyways, and i can't live without musics!

Would you rather stop time? Or fly?

-I would rather stop time, so that i can make fun of my enemies and punch them hard on the face, not guessing that its me.

Would you rather have no one notice you? Or get all the bad attention?

-No one notice me.

Would you rather visit France? Or Italy?

-Italy, because i live in France.

Would you rather give up your computer? Or give up your pet?

-Give up my computer. I don't want to give up my pet!

Would you rather be the first to die? Or last to die?

-Be the first to die. I can't stand seeing my loved ones to die!

Would you rather go forward in the future? Or go back in the past?

-Go forward in the future. I don't want to go back in the past.

Would you rather eat a bowl of vomit? Or lick a hobo's foot?

-What's with these disgusting question though -_-

Would you rather stand all day? Or sit all day?

-Sit all day because i'm lazy ass person.

Would you rather go hide? Or seek?


Would you rather Be buried alive? Or Be burned alive?

-Uhh, be buried alive..i guess.

Would you rather be able to talk to animals? Or be able to speak all foreign languages?

-I would rather be able to speak all foreign languages.

Would you rather Stop animal abuse? Or Stop pollution?

-STOP ANIMAL ABUSE. I don't want to see somebody abusing any animals.

Would you rather be a thief? Or be a beggar?

-Be a...thief? Beggar..? Thief..Beggar... /walks away/

Would you rather get piercings? Or get tattoos?

-Get piercings because i don't want to ruin ma skin. >_>

Would you rather have everlasting fame and fortune nothing else? Or Be with your love and have nothing else?

-Be with my love, duh. -_- I don't have anything else to do if i only have fame and fortune, what will i do to fame and fortune? Love them? Make out with that shit? Fuck, no!

Would you rather find true love? Or find $10,000,000?

-Find true love. Because, As i said earlier, what will i fucking do with that money? Intercourse with them? Se- *cough* Sorry. XD

Would you rather live in a world with no problems? Or live in a world where you rule?

-Live in a world with no problems.

Would you rather be able to fly? Or be able to read minds?

-Be able to Fly, because..i want to FLY like Got7. LOL.


Yeah, that's all with this update. Bye~ ❤😍

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