Alton spoke "I will tell her. Fine. But she is fine with boys. Viggo was offered the lead role..."

Sebastiano spoke "Exactly. She just shows favouritism to Viggo. Not that he tries to get into her good books for us."

Alexander spoke "But we will get her back. She is on the cheer leading squad and has to cheer at all our games with other schools till the end of the year. The girls basketball team lost to us yesterday and that was the bet's condition. So now the entire basketball team have to join cheer leaders..."

Alton spoke "What? Azorine would not like that. She does not get along with half the team. Who's bright idea was this? couldn't you ask for something else?"

Sebastiano spoke "Thank you. That was Stefano's stunt. Not ours."

Alton nodded "Of course. He is just too soft. He does not act like a Rosario at all."

Vincenzo looked up from his paper "He is not too soft. His mother is no Rosario material but he is."

Alton did not argue and sighed "Sure..." He then got on with working on making corrections.

As the bell rang, the boys swapped back their speeches, and walked out to their next lesson.

Tristan was walking alongside Vincenzo through corridors when he saw his brother walking towards him.

Trent reached Tristan and quickly spoke " Edward Blake has insulted us. He has to be dealt with..."

Vincenzo walked to a nearby water fountain and started drinking. He was glad he was not involved. He was not in the mood to deal with Edward Blake. He was a real weakling and not worth his time. On the days he was captain and Tristan was Vice Captain, his responsibility was just to make final decisions when a final vote was needed and when an offence was committed against the basketball team or the common room area, then he had the final say. But that was it. He didn't need to deal with anything else. When he turned around, he saw Tristan dragging Trent inside a nearby empty classroom and closed the door. He laughed bitterly. Tristan always dealt with Trent in private of course and he lectured him for dealing with Viggo the same way.

Vincenzo had no idea his sister was being discussed at that point. The thought could never cross his mind.

Vincenzo entered his next class and sat down feeling annoyed not having Letizia in the room. This was Italian Literature, the optional unit he had picked to avoid dance. He never thought he would consider dropping this unit and picking dance that he hated with a passion. But if it meant he could spend more time with letizia, then it was worth it. He then took a sigh in frustration as he saw who the teacher was. It was Dr Sancia O'Neil. She had apparently sacked the teacher since she thought he was not good enough on her first day in the role and was now advertising to recruit. She had of course taken over temporarily because she was qualified. The first thing she did was setting a 2,000 word essay on the poem collection "La Vita Nuova" by Dante to be written in the lesson. Vincenzo didn't mind the work. He loved Italian literature. But he minded Sancia O'Neil. She just was a double edged sword like any O'Neil as his father always said. He got on with work and wondered where Tristan was.

Minute later, Vincenzo watched as Tristan walked in late looking quite serious and even angry. Of course his mother did not acknowledge his lateness and arrival. He just walked in with no consequence as he muttered in a low tone "It was an emergency. Sorry I am late".

Vincenzo had been taught by Dr O'Neil before as guest lecturer and she always gave detention with 1000 lines to be written if anyone was even one minute late but of course she was not going to do that to her son. Tristan did not seem in the mood to do any work. He just sat down silently and just looked into distance out of the window with furious eyes. He looked in deep thought.

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