Chapter 1

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It's midnight and coming to the pub is turn down to be my worst decision of this night. Sipping wine is also not working pretty well. Take a deep breath, honey. You are here in an official meeting, well not so official meeting with Mr Henry.

And this so-called business partner is a real dickhead. As usual, our meeting is over but my boss's order is to stay with him. I don't find any reason to stay with him. I should leave him on his own. And my boss is also not here, who gonna tell her.

I scoot from the booth and join the crowd on the dance floor.

Wine is doing its work, my hips are swaying in its trance. Hands high up in the air, playing with hair. Dancing like this is so relaxing.

Oh, I forgot to mention, I'm wearing my shimmering black dress along with ankle strap heels. Oh! I love them. They are doing a hell of good work on me. Partially showing my curves while I groove on beats. 

In amidst this crowd, someone tap on my shoulder. You know what my night is now going pretty cool. A guy was standing just next to me actually I landed my heels on him twice, so he asked me for space.

I apologised him but asked him for dance, it is good to dance together. Right 'winky'.

I tell you, his features are so damn sharp. Black shirt, fuck off! man. Temperature is high.

I peek over from his shoulder Mr Henry is having fun with his girls. And I think so he is leaving for the night. Now I can enjoy things, as I don't have any to take care of.

'Hey, I'm Ana, and you?' dancing and conversation are must kill the boredom right.

'My name is Jai, nice to meet you.' nice seems decent. I'm not saying this because of his reply, his total focus is on dancing not on other things, like no peeking on my cleavage, no touching on my ass, maintaining a quite good distance. Till now he is nice to me.

'I'm tired can we sit in the booth, before leaving for home I should catch some breath.' I politely asked him.

Dj is playing all the mixes from the 90s', just of my taste.

As the night passes, we both get comfortable with each other and started talking from good shit to worst. All topics were senseless but the funniest part was bitching. It seems really awkward that how we met as a stranger and end up like this.

After gulping the last vodka shots, I said goodbye to him, it is almost 3 a.m. in the morning or night, I never get this thing. I should leave for my house, otherwise, Priyanka would kill me.


Phone rings!!!

Priyanka throws my phone on my head. Great Bull's eye.

'Who is calling?' I asked in my sleep.

'I think so I have given you your phone, use your hands and eyes'

 I woke up around 10:30 a.m. with the fucking headache. Priyanka was getting ready for her work. Let me introduce you all with her. We both are roommates or you may say, flatmate. We know each other from last 4 years. She is of mid hight may be around 5' 3" with long black hair and blessed with the jaded black eyes.  Right now she is red, fuming in anger. Before she blasts let me pick up my phone and I ignore her.

'Hello yeah, who is this'.

' It's your mother honey' a pleasant but full of sarcasm sound came from the other side. I checked the screen flashing Maa clearing my eyes once again from my hands and read it again. 

Fuck, I placed it back to my ears and greet her.' Yes, mommy good morning'.

She corrects me ' Good afternoon beta'. I know that smirk which she was holding while those words coming out of her mouth.

' Yeah, good afternoon mommy... By the way, why you called up, is everything fine there' I asked her as I'm quite puzzled up with her sudden call. Usually, she calls me in the evening around 6:30 p.m. but today it was just 1'o clock in the noon. 

 'Honey everything is fine here. I called you to come back home this weekend.'

''What?? But why maa!!'

'Just come for this weekend for your mother'. Aha, this is what I'm waiting for she shot her weapon, deadly weapon. Seriously these parents, they always do such things when they really want something from us, and we children really don't want it. They just o over the way Dramatic. 

'Ok, I will take permission from my boss, if she accepted my leave then only I'm coming, Maa.''

'Ohkay beta take care'

'You too, love you Maa'

'Love you too beta' all my hangover and headache disappear. From bottom of my heart, I'm damn sure that there is something suspicious hidden behind this phone call. She is hiding something from me. No, it will not what I'm thinking. I have told her for like thousands of time I don't want. First, I want to be a published writer then only I will be doing this before that there will be no chance of.

This time I will make this clear to everyone. I will go to see them but not for what they want me to do but for what I want. 

As my headache has gone I should take a bath I'm stinking in my own sweat. 



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