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One of you? *winx club fanfic*

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Lilly's POV: The last thing I remember, before blacking out is the trix laughing.
I woke up in surprise. I was in my room. My safe lovely room.
My vision was sort of foggy but when it cleared I saw Mathew staring at me. He was sitting in a chair next to my bed.
I sat up and felt a cold compress on my head.
"What happened" I asked.
He smiled back at me and said:
"The trix are the most traumatizing witches in the entire Magic dimension. They hate the winx and wanted a fight. They thought you were Bloom and attaked. When you told them you were you they thought they had found a way around the winx."
"How long was I out?"
"A day."
I jumped out of bed. I went to get Pearl and a suitcase.
"Where are you going?"
"I have to get to Alfea with Bloom and the winx."
"They are still in bed you don't have to leave till 3. They packed you."
"Oh I- what is that?"
I saw a large bandage wrapped around his head.
"Oh. I was injured in the battle with the trix."
"Oh yeah. You blacked out and after that I attacked them. They forced me back and I hit my head. Then the winx transformed and the trix left."
I sighed and walked back to my bed. I sat down and looked at him.
"Mathew I...the note...we-"
He cut me off.
"Lilly, you don't have to say anything."
I smiled at him. His hair was in his eyes and I pushed it back. He smiled and kissed me. I was about to pull back when I heard the door open.
We pulled away and I looked behind me. If it was my mother I was going to have a long few hours, till I go to Alfea.
"Oh.....I'm...we..." Daphne burst out of the room laughing.
I put my hands in my face and smiled to myself.
That was really awkward.
"Lilly I have to go. My parents want to say bye to me before I head to Red Fountain."
"Ok see you soon Mathew."
I walked him to my bedroom door and waved. When I turned around Bloom, Daphne, Stella, Flora, Musa, Techna and Aisa standing there.
"How did you get in here!?!?"
"Uh duh! Fairies!"
Stella pointed to herself and acted stupid. I rolled my eyes and went into my closet. I got dressed into a turquoise gown and went to my desk.
My necklace wasn't there. I looked around and remembered I never took it off.
"Are you wearing that to Alfea?"
Oh shoot.
"I forgot brb."
I went into the closet and put on some super cute jeans, some heeled boots, a shirt and a vest.
I walked out and we went downstairs. My parents were waiting for us at the bottom.
"Oh Lilly," my mother hugged me and started to tear up "I remember when we sent Daphne to Alfea. I wish we sent Bloom too but she had her earth parents."
She stared at me with my father. I hugged them and grabbed Pearl and my suitcases.
We went to a place in town called transportation station. When we got there Bloom pressed a button and in less than a minute we were in Magix.
"Ok now will you go shopping with me Musa?"
"Stella. No!"
"You're no fun!"
"Like you need any more clothes."
Musa chuckled and rolled her eyes. Stella looked a bit ticked off.
I laughed and continued walking. I saw a bunch of dudes that looked familiar. Before I could put my finger on it Stella was screaming.
I turned around in defense mode.
False alarm.
Stella was obsessing over a sale.
"Ahhhhh!OMG! There is a sale! Musa you have to come with me now! Look a sale!!!"
Ok Stella was obsessed. It was an addiction. If she wasn't a princess her dad would probably burn her credit card in a bonfire and throw it off a cliff.
I laughed and looked back to the boys. Now Sky was with them. They started walking over to us.
"Hey girls" said the brown haired boy.
"Shnockumms! Will you go shopping with me? No one else will."
"Sorry Stella I-"
"Too bad Brandon. I was just asking to make it more polite. Now let's go, there is a sale!"
Stella dragged him on his arm to the nearest clothing store. Brandon looked at us sadly and went with Stella.
I closed my eyes. All of this was giving me a headache.
Soon the boys left and we went to Alfea.

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