(10) Stort Time By Beth

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"Hey Boss, Charlie's using too much glitters and-" Beth paused when she saw what I was holding. "I can explain."

I gawked at the picture. My eyes was so wide that I bet my eye balls would simply pop out.

Yes, pop out like it would simply pop out.

Yes, like it would simply slid off from my eye socket with blood pouring out and fleshy chunks burst with it too.

A younger looking Dean kissing a younger looking Beth on the cheeks.

What the mighty duck that squaks?!

"Is this... you and Dean?" I asked, still in shock.

No duh, Vanch.

"Like what I said, I can explain." She muttered, walking towards me and gathered all her stuffs back in her bag. She looked at the photo and blood rushes in her face.

"If you don't want to explain, it's okay." I mean, I can always ask Dean...

She looked at me smugly, "I know you'll ask him about this."

Darn it.

"Well, I'm like a sister to you since you moved her 3 years ago. I think I desserve a lil' bit of drama." I winked.

Chuckling, she sighed silently and picked up the photo from my grasp. "Just like what I said before, he was my brother's best friend. He and my brother were 3 years older than me, and I had the biggest crush on him for years."

We walked inside my office as she continues, "We were uh, close too. When I was a freshman in highschool, he told me that he liked me. I had a huge crush on him since we were toddlers, so yeah, I told him that I didn't like him, I loved him."

We took a sit on my sofa. "We started dating in secret, he said that he doesn't want my brother to know since it would break their friendship."

She smiled sadly, "I loved him, and like what any other 7th grader would do, I agreed." She whispered, "Biggest mistake I've ever done."

She fidgets with her hands, "It was summer, I was starting sophomore year soon while he and my brother would go to college. I was fine with a LDR, but he wasn't ready for-"

"Wait, wait, wait." I cut off, "What's a LDR?"

She chuckled, "Long Distance Relationship."

"Oh... okay, continue." I smiled sheepishly.

Nodding, she did. "Like what I said, I was ready for a long distance relationship, but he wasn't ready with it. He said that it's college and he wants to experience everything. He said that we were too young for a serious relationship. So he dumped me."

That butt hole!

"And a day after that, he and my brother left, saying they want to explore the place before the semester starts. My brother said his good bye while he didn't. My brother, Bart, told me that Dean was already in the airport and told him to send his regards to all of us."

That asshole!

"I tried calling him for days, but he didn't answer. Then a week after they left, Dean sent a photo for me in an email." She paused, "It was a picture of him and my brother in a night club, with girls surrounding them. With a caption of -> Having fun. What about you?"

That piece of dog piled poop!

"Please tell me that you didn't reply to it."

She shook her head, "Hell no. I blocked him in every social media I use and even in my phone. I packed my bags and left, moving here in Denovan with a reason of "I'm trying to be independent for the future." And they believed it. My parents were always busy with their business, so they just gave me money and paid my boarding school."

But she was just 15....

"And tada! You've met me and I met you. You cared for me and I cared for you." She grinned, "And now that he's here, which I have no idea why, I don't give a duck. I have no feelings for him."

U-huh? "Not even a little bit?"

"Just anger." Something flashed in her eyes, "And hatred." She put her chin up high before smiling non humoristically. "But other than that, nothing."

"Whatever you say Beth, whatever you say." I said unsurely while planning on how to kill Dean -not literally, but you get my point.

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