Chapter 1

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This is the third book of the Heroes of Olympus, by Rick Riordan. I do not own anything, and all that stuff. ALL RIGHT RESERVED!!!!!! I wrote this because I was tired of waiting for the actual book to come out. Don't read this if you have not read The Son of Neptune.



Annabeth Chase was so close. She could not wait any longer, and the anticipation was killing her. For 8 months her blonde hair seemed to transition into shades of gray. Her face had become so pale it seemed invisible, and her eyes were bulging with cracked red lines from crying every night. But now she did not have to wake up at midnight screaming for her boyfriend, to tell her that her life so far was just a bad dream. After what seemed like eons she did not have to be unhappy again. She was going to see her boyfriend, Percy Jackson, or was she?  As Argo II, was preparing to land at the Roman camp, Annabeth sighed looking out a window. Was this it? Was she going to see her boyfriend after 8 eons of waiting? Was this the moment that would revive her? She wasn't sure, and she also wasn't sure she wanted to find out. But what other choice did she have!

Annabeth could not believe that it could be over. She knew that when a happy ending seemed to approach her, it would just be a lie. And another evil will destroy her. What if Percy hooked up with Roman girls, or if he had forgotten who she was. Annabeth wasn't always like this, but that was before she had ran away. After she found Percy she thought she could breathe, but he was taken from her. But all her thoughts came to a stop, when the majority of Camp-Half Blood and a minority of Hunters got off the Argo II a.k.a everyone, and then she saw him. Percy was standing with arms around  a baby-faced Chinese-North American, and a girl with coconut hair, and somewhat dark skin. Percy's black hair shined in the sun, he was also wearing a toga and his bright green eyes were shining brighter than ever, as their eyes met. Annabeth could not help but blush as her eyes captured her boyfriend.

"Hi Annabeth," Percy said, as she walked to him.

She wanted to answer with a hug, a kiss, or anything to make her feel like it was over forever, but her arm began to ache. Then she hesitated. Her Mark was glowing, and that shattered her relief. Because the day she got her mark was the hardest day of her life, and because of it there would be more hard days to come.

It was in the middle of the night when she woke up screaming for her boyfried. She thought that her brothers and sisters would comfort her like they always do, but they didn't. They weren't even in the cabin. Then she awoke her eyes caught a glimpse of her mother Athena. The gods were silent and her mother being here meant that she was defying Zeus's order. This was not like her.

" Hello Annabeth," Athena had yelped as if she was in an unmeasurably heavy load of stress, " I'm sorry. But Gaea and her giants are beginning to grow stronger, by every second. And soon I don't think even the seven can defeat them"

Annabeth knew what she had meant by the giants and Gaea, they were the giants trying to destroy Olympus, and Gaea a mother drove by revenge to also destroy Olympus. And by the seven she meant the the seven most powerful demigods in the world destined to fight Gaea, but win? No one was certain.

" Why are you sorry," Annabeth had asked shivering like crazy, the coldness and fear in her mother's voice was making Annabeth bubble up with tears, and fear crawling up her spine. She didn't know why but it seemed Athena's voice was torturing her existence.

" I am going to give you the mark. The mark is given to the wisest of my children. You see the last child to have it was Pandora, who wasn't actually my child. The Mark gave her life. And those who actually have life will be strenghtened by the Mark, as a super human, equal to two lives" explained Athena looking around to see if anyone was listening, " Anyways you will not be immortal but you will be as powerful as a god. Everybody will end up being afriad of you, because the Mark sends out a power so immense it drains people's eyes when they are in chaos. But don't be afraid, the child of the star will save you, when you feel like you are alone, unless of course the hell rises, before the prophecy and then Ryan would just be a pawn".... Athena explained, as she faded off to something random but seemingly true and frightening based on the way she muttered the words in a voice so silent it seemed to be screaming, 

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