A Child in the Midst of War

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//Strike Commander Morrison x Child!Reader

Morrison shot the last of the Omnic bots. He reloaded his rifle and checked his surroundings. All Omnic bots have been terminated and deactivated. He turn to walked back to the rondevous place.

Until he heard a child. It sounded sad and it was... crying. He stopped in his tracks and look around, following the cry. As he got closer to the sound, the louder the cry it gets. His heart plummet to the ground as he saw a little girl, sitting next to a rubbles where two arms appeared from the rubbles.

"Are you hurt?" He asked softly, he don't want to scared her nor make her shocked. He placed his rifle down and kneeled next to her. The little girl stopped crying and look up at him. She sniffed before answering his question. "My mummy and daddy..." She hiccuped. "They are not waking up..."

His eyes went back to her parents arms. They died in the explosion of where his team was avoiding the bomb. Except for the little girl family.

"I'm... sorry..." He gently rubbed her back. The little girl quickly tackled the man and continue to bawled. "I'm very, very sorry." He gritted his teeth. His duty was to saved the civilians from the Omnic crisis but he have failed them.

"...Now I have..." She sniffed. "No parents... I am... Alone..." Her eyes widened at the words and continue to cry. Morrison knew he had to do something and he must do it, quickly.

"You are not alone." Morrison speaked up. "I am here. I am with you."

The little girl looked up and stared into his blue eyes. "Promise." She held up her pinky finger. Morrison held up his and linked it.

"Scouts honour." He gave her a gentle smile.

"Mister, where do... I go?" She asked, rubbing her eyes from the tears. Morrison hitched his breath. A child like her are not allowed in the Overwatch facility but if he take responsibility of her, that would work.

"To stay with me. To Overwatch." He said as he carried her. The little girl quickly wrapped her little arms around his neck. Morrison grabbed his rifle and continue to walk to the place where their plane would meet. "I will take care of you and you will not be alone."

"Thank you, mister overwatch." She smiled, a genuined big smile. Morrison couldn't help but chuckled. "Call me Jack. Everyone in Overwatch, call me that. It's better than John."

"Okay, then my name is (Name). Nice to meet you, John Jack." She grinned. (Name) realised something and struggle to get out from his arms. Morrison didn't say anything but let her to got out from his arms.

"What are you-" Before he had a chance to finish his sentence, (Name) spoke loud and clear to her dead parents.

"Mummy, Daddy, (Name) is not going to be lonely. John Jack is an Overwatch hero who will take care of me." She prayed to her parents. "I hope you are safe, just like me." She hold her parents hand before placing a kiss on their knuckles. "I love you."

She stood up and went to Morrison, who was waiting for her. She beam at him. "Now my parents can rest properly now." Morrison ruffled her hair. He took one last glance to her parents. I promise that I will take of your daughter, he make a silent promise. A promise he would not break.

Rondevous point

Morrison and (Name) reached the place. She was greeted with Overwatch agents. Everyone looked at her before looking at their leader.

"Who is this child, sir?" Winston asked as he let (Name) climbed onto his back. Tracer helped her.

"Her parents were killed in the explosion and I found her, crying at the sight of her dead parents." Morrison explained.

"I see," Winston said as (Name) tried to get his glasses. "Aren't you a cheeky one?"

(Name) giggled. "You are a big gorrila." She pointed out.

"Why, yes. Yes I am." Winston chuckled at your words. Big word for a small kid.

"What will happen to her?" Genji asked. (Name) went over to Pharah and Mercy. The two ladies greeted the little girl with smiles.

"It will be my responsibilty to take care of her." Morrison answered as he watched (Name), getting along with his fellow teammates.

"I do hope you know what you are doing." Winston said.

This time, Tracer got her. Tracer has placed her on top of her shoulder and are blinking here and there.

The plane arrived and everyone board in. (Name) sat between Genji and Morrison. She was curious with Genji.

"What happen to you?" She titled her head as she asked the question. Genji looked at her.

"To simply put, a sibling fight." He replied. (Name) mouth made an 'o' shape.

"Then, are you okay?" That question caught him off guard. Truth to be told, he wasn't. Hanzo has seen him in this form and refuse to accept Genji the way he is. Zenyatta has made him to accept who he is and embraced it.

"If you don't want to, its okay." She stood up from her seat and pat Genji's head. "Everyone make bad mistakes. We are human, after all."

The whole team went silent. (Name) said something inspirational and deep at the same time. Who was her parents was a question that bugs Morrison's head.

"Yes, we are. Arigato, (Name)-san." Genji accpeted the pat.

Timeskip by Morrison having a tea party with (Name)

Overwatch accepted (Name). Now, she stay at the base and everyone loves her and her childish antics. She was the mascot of making everyone happy in the Overwatch base.

Some nights, she had a few nightmares and she always runs to the closest person in the base. You guessed it, Morrison's room. Morrison didn't do anything but let her to enter his room and letting the little girl sleeping next to him. He knows what nightmare she always had. Everyone leaving her. Including him and the Overwatch team.

He felt pity for her, having this kind of nightmares. He don't want to leave her, he want to be next to her, as a guardian.

Whenever the team went out for a mission, (Name) spent her time with Winston, learning new stuff and more words. Sometimes she goes to Genji and played with him. She always goes to every Overwatch agents and had fun with them. Mercy enjoyed having her presence. She taught her how to eat vegetables and how to treat small wounds.

The girls loved her dearly. It's like she has a lot of mother figure instead of sister figure. Morrison and the guys were the father figure. Everyone went protective mode when (Name) got hurt. Since she was a fragile little girl, she can get hurt easily. Physically and emotionally.

After all, she was a child in the midst of war. A war between the Omnic crisis. A war that cause her to lost her parents. A war that left her nightmares.

That was Morrison duty. To be with her, to protect her, to guide her in the correcy way and most of all, love her like his own.

- -

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