Chapter 20

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You would think after hours of flying, I would lie down to rest a bit, maybe grab some water or a bite to eat. That's what any sane person would do... But my sanity has always been debatable. I launched as soon as I knew Sunshine was gone with a toy and circled slowly outwards, scouring the ground with my eyes. Ed had trouble keeping up with me, for he was just as exhausted and not as accustomed to wearing himself out as I was.

Finally, he contacted me. Dirg, we need to rest.

No, you need to rest.

Driving yourself to the ground isn't going to help her.

I growled in annoyance. He was right. I caught his thought about landing and I could join him if I wished. I landed and found a comfortable spot to collapse. The lightsy prince reclined against a tree, his eyes trained on me. I ignored him and quickly nodded off. The sooner I went to sleep, the sooner I would wake up, and the sooner I could find my Sunshine.

"I stayed up for about an hour after you blacked out," Ed commented as I cooked a rabbit on a spit.

I made no comment and looked at him with intimidating curiosity.

"You gave me access to your mind. I've only had access to one other mind, Theo. In fact, you are the only one besides him that knows I am not a lightheart."

I zipped my lips to tell him I wouldn't say a thing. Conversing by thought was only easy if he wasn't within earshot. Really, the whole ordeal was mind boggling, and I still didn't realize he was in my head. He laughed at that.

"Yes, I am fully aware you aren't going to tell anyone for the next two months, and I know my gift is a little hard to wrap your mind around. Since you now know, I need to keep reminding you of it. I don't enter anyone's mind unless they give me access, though I must admit that I was sorely tempted when Lucy showed up. You've given me access, so that hour I was awake I was searching your memories."

I stiffened as I tested how done the meat was. I could feel my anger building at his meddling, but he was quick to say more.

"Dad has been worried about letting you near Lucy. I only looked for everything having to do with her, I swear. I needed to know what your intent for tracking her down is."

I removed the rabbit and used a dagger from my boot to slice it up for the two of us. I took my portion and relaxed against a tree, watching him and eating quickly. I was thinking of all the possible ways he could have deduced that without invading my memories.

"The rabbit is tasty," he said quietly, not meeting my gaze.

I nodded thanks and took off as soon as I had myself cleaned up, even though he was not yet done. I began circling again, and now it was daylight. If he knew everything I thought about Lucy, then he knew how badly I wanted her as mine again. He knew that if his father told me to stay away, I would. And he knew that I would give my life to keep hers safe. Maybe he would relay that message to the lightsy king for me. I doubted it. In hindsight, it was stupid to allow a lightsy access to my mind.

We found a small village and managed to barter some clothes from them with my pretty little marbles. Don't look at me like that! I set them so they would never go off, okay? Now that I was covered properly, I felt less tense. I was not yet comfortable with the toy following me around, but it was a step in the right direction for the both of us to be clothed. He joked about not knowing how to put pants on and nearly freaked me out.

The clothes weren't exactly normal. My "dress" was basically a very long piece of cloth wrapped in a peculiar way around my body. I had no idea how to replicate it, but Shawn assured me he knew how. Letting him dress me didn't exactly sound like fun, but I figured we would cross that bridge when we got there.

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