Chapter 19

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Hey, I'm gonna get you too! Another one bites the dust!

My arms were wrenched above my head, and I was suddenly in the dark. In the time it took for my eyes to adjust from light vision to dark, three things became obvious. I wasn't in Dad's office. I was hanging by my wrists on a wall. There was a mouth prying mine open. I screamed and kicked forward, but I hadn't noticed my ankles being bound to the wall. I was chained to a wall with a guy making out with me.

A dark, feminine chuckle sounded from my right, and the man pulled away, giving me a clear view of Fantastic, Mira's toy. His hands were on my waist, holding me still as I began to snap out of my surprise and into defense.

"What in the heck is going on!?" I yelled.

Mira and Fon smirked at each other. Mira nodded at her Fan and they turned and started to leave.


His lips retaking mine cut me off. I struggled, but he held me firm by the waist, deepening the kiss and trying to pry my mouth open. I let it open but bit his bottom lip as hard as I could. He hissed and pulled back, looking at me with accusatory eyes. He grabbed my chin and tilted my head to the side. He started kissing on my neck, moving behind my ear slowly. I couldn't do anything past his grip on my side and chin.

I tried to explode the chains holding me, but my power wasn't working. It wasn't working! My defenses were all on the ground. The reality sunk into my core as he bit my earlobe, this time I could do nothing. I couldn't trick him. I couldn't blow him up. I couldn't fight back.

For some reason, my thoughts turned to Dirg. He had only just made sure he couldn't force me to do anything, yet here I was, being forced. I decided to imagine Fan was he, but there was something inherently wrong with this. Dirg wouldn't do this. Dirg followed Jesus and would do this right. Fan's hands started to creep up my shirt, and I shivered at his touch. If what they said about Jesus was true, he could help me. But I wasn't his follower.

I sighed. He probably didn't care anyway.

Then, an epiphany came. If Jesus did care, if he loved me as much as they said, enough to die for me, he would get me out of this. But I remembered the teacher saying something about having to ask. I silently looked to the sky and told him that if he would get me out of this, I would believe. Fan stroked my side and stopped kissing my jaw, letting go of my chin and pressing his face into my neck. I tried to growl, but it came out as more of a whimper. His hand went to the edge of my bra and stopped there, quivering slightly. I tried to control my rising panic but was failing as I began to hyperventilate.

"You know what I have to do, Sunshine."

I shivered yet managed to speak without my voice quivering. "My name is Lucille."

I felt him grin on my neck. I tried to dig my chin into his head, but it didn't seem to affect him. His hot breath poured over my throat and down my shirt, and I had to suppress another shiver.

"I know. Let me see your wings." He kissed my throat.

I gulped. "Why?"

His hand twitched by my bra, and he nuzzled his nose into my throat. "I want to see them."

I sighed and tensed as my back flared in pain. I grit my teeth and closed my eyes, and I was rewarded with Fan moving back from me, his nearly black eyes looking at my growing feathers. The pain subsided, and he took his hands off of my body to gently brush my feathers.

He wore only a loincloth and a rag that might have been construed as a vest that hid nothing of his lean yet muscular physique. His nearly coal black skin almost blended into the backdrop of black walls, and his pitch black hair hung down in dreadlocks over his shoulders. I have never seen anyone so dark before or since. His dark brown eyes met mine as he came back to in front of me. He didn't come close, though, and I saw something in his eyes that gave me a sliver of hope

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