Chapter 18

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Another chapter bites the dust...

I liked watching (cough) Lucy (cough). No one really paid attention to me, and very few in the light domain registered as threats to my "client," so I was free to observe her as I wished. That wasn't a pleasure I received very often when she was the one following me around, so I reveled in it. I figured now that she knew my feelings towards her and her father was allowing me near her, I was allowed some freedom, within the bounds of Christian chivalry, of course. I was still learning what those were, but I knew to curb in any lust, manipulative thoughts, and controlling aggression.

Since I had such leisure time to myself, I worked on my relationship with Jesus Christ. I prayed under my breath and used my free time when she was showering or sleeping to read my Bible or sleep myself. The first Sunday after my job change, I had the distinct pleasure of sitting behind sweet little Lucy at church.

King Amora made sure to tell me that I didn't have to work on the Sabbath and she was perfectly safe with him, but I equally insisted that this wasn't really work or hard, so I had no problem doing it, and he said it was disrespectful, so I asked Queen Pat if I might make her family lunch after service, and she found the idea delightful. King Amora called me sneaky, so I grinned at him in feigned innocence.

Lucy stood stock still during the singing. She didn't sway, she didn't sing, she didn't move. I frowned in confusion at that. Every time I hummed or sang anything, there was a spark in her eyes and a swing to her steps, and I was a much worse singer than the worship leaders here. She enjoyed music, but she wasn't moving at all to the praise of Jesus. Memories of the dance off tried to take over my attention, but I quoted scripture and shook them off. Maybe she didn't want to dance like that around her family. It was either that or she was so set on not giving into Jesus that she didn't want any part in it. I contemplated this for the entire first song and then forced myself to worship my God with eyes closed, ignoring the distracting female I used to call mine.

Then there was the usual call to give, and I paid attention, but I had yet to be convinced of the necessity behind giving the church ten percent of my income. It made sense in a logical sort of way, as in this is how you pay for your entrance, but the claim that God mandated it gave me pause. I wasn't sure if it was a ruse, or a manipulative twisting of the Bible to make people feel guilty for not doing it. I would either have to decide to believe them or look into it myself sometime. I was never a very good studier, except when it came to Sunshine.

I listened to the teaching and watched her fidget. The sermon was over Hell, and the human preacher was pulling it all from the Bible, not experience. I still shivered thinking about it, but I knew I was never going there again. By the way she fidgeted and flinched at certain points, I knew she was actually listening.

This had been one of the ideals of following Jesus that I did not understand, the fact that a loving God would send people to Hell. It didn't make sense until put under the darkness of what Christ did on the cross and then the light of his resurrection. After a while, the teacher made sure to include that in his speech.

"We don't have to go to Hell. Jesus Christ gave us another option."

At that, Lucy stopped fidgeting. She turned around and looked at me, but I made sure to look at the teacher before she saw my eyes. Then I realized that was basically lying to her, so I looked down to meet her gaze. There was a question there, pretty much an asking for permission.

I leaned down onto my legs so I could whisper in her ear. "Your decisions are your own, Lucille."

She grimaced and turned back around. What? Did she not believe that? I sat back up and watched her trace up and down her scars as he presented the case for following Jesus. I prayed silently that she would see the truth as I had. My hopes soared as she watched intently during the alter call and bowed her head when he asked us all to do so. I kept my eyes open, though. I wanted to see her raise her hand. Apparently, the call to stand was rare, but I was glad that happened for me. If it had only been a raise of the hand, the lack of commitment would have soured me against it. All my actions were public, so publicly walking forward to receive Christ only made sense.

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