Chapter 17

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I ran both my hands through my hair in frustration. "If only one of you would talk at a time-"

"Then you might zone out again," one twin said with a glare.

"Last time you zoned out you learned nothing," the other continued.

"So pay attention."

One was on my left, and the other was on my right, and their every other sentence thing was starting to give me a headache.

"So, to recap,"

"what type of government do we practice?"

I glared at the book that was my required reading for the day. They hadn't even let me open it yet. "The king is an absolute monarch, but the nobles, his advisory board, are elected in a republican democracy style. The queen is basically an extension of the king's authority and tends to deal with the foreign relations aspect while the king focuses on problems within our own sphere."

"You only explained the major roles."

"Who balances out the royals?"

"The nobles," I answered. "The system is built so that if 80% of the nobles disagree with a monarch's actions, then they can overrule them."


"What authority do minor royals and nobles hold?"

I sighed and rubbed my temples. "We are minor royals, and the only difference between us and the non-courtiers is that we hold respect for our titles. Obeying us is not mandatory but usually done due to tradition, and among light-darky relations, we hold the same rank they would equate to our title. Minor nobles do not go to court but rule smaller governments, and an example is a governor. Usually they are elected, but there have been occasions where a monarch appoints them, though that is rare. There, that's everything you two have been drilling into me the last two hours! Can my lessons be done?"

They exchanged a knowing look over my head. "After this lesson is your fight and flight lesson."

I stood, wanting to do something physical. "Okay, let's do that."

Neither of them stood. "If that is what you want,"

"we won't stop you."

I raised an eyebrow. "Are you two not coming?"

They smiled innocently. "We are not your teachers for fight and flight."

I stiffened when two things dawned on me. Dirg was approaching from the corner he had been "guarding" me from, and they had said fight and flight! As in flying. As in Dirg was going to teach me to fly. I had seen darky parents "teach" their children to fly. It involved taking them to the edge if the land of eternal darkness (which floated in the sky, by the way) summoning their wings, and then throwing them off.

I sat back down. "So, um, when did the transition from absolute monarchy to absolute monarchy with democratic aspects occur?"

The twins laughed.

"Government lessons are over," one stated in his mirth.

"It actually is time for your physical lessons."

"Yes, Dirg is your teacher."

"You really should have tried to launch harder, Sis."

Wait, did one just call me Sis?

They both grinned and waved for me to leave, saying at the same time, "Now, get going."

I reluctantly looked up to Dirg and his self-satisfied smirk. He'd been with me all day, from the hour I spent in court, to lunch, and now through my lessons with first Queen Pat and now the twins. It had taken through lunch for me to not only wrap my mind around the role reversal, but also to keep my mind from focusing on him. I was glad he wasn't right behind me as I had been him, or my brain would have been mush. Now he was going to "teach" me to fly. Oh joy. I sighed and went to the library entrance.

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