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I Prometheus

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"I, Prometheus"

by Stephen A. Schrum

I, Prometheus,

With eyes half-closed

And labored breathing

Attempt to sleep for just a moment

To slip into slumber

Relax for an incalculable time

Perhaps to dream

And let my mind rest

And wander from my body

My body

Chained to this rock

Punished for my crime

Of bringing enlightenment

To those who needed it

And deserved it

A simple giving act

For which I spend


Chained to this rock

(Do those who received

The gifts of fire and knowledge

Live any better

For the receiving of the gift?)

Daily, the eagle, sent by Zeus,

Comes to tear at my flesh

To slash at my flesh

With claws and talons

To tear at my insides

With talons and beak

To devour my liver

Leaving me to heal...

My body still chained to this rock

The eagle reminds me daily of my act

IS to remind me daily of my crime

But it was no crime

It was no sin

And I will never repent

And even if I did repent--

The eagle would still return daily

And tear at my flesh--daily

My waking hours spent healing

My nighttime hours wishing for a

Minute's sleep

A moment's rest

But never to forget my body

And this rock

And these chains


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