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I Will Stay... Until It Fades Away

"Well, he didn't show up. When I needed him the most, he didn't show up," Phoebe grumbled in front of her father. She was totally irritated of the fact that Evan didn't go to the mansion for two days already. Not being able to understand the whole situation, she went straight to her father's office right after her classes today just to know what happened.

"I presume he is very busy these days. He's taking care of a lot of reports," his father explained, standing up from his chair.

"But how about my assignment? I needed to finish it by tomorrow," she said, pacing in the room.

"Last time, agapité kóri, if I remember, you were apprehensive to this tutorial thing. Now, do I sense total accordance with it?"

"Oh, you don't know how much I need your 'best guy in maths', Ba-ba, just for me to be able to finish this assignment!" she said, pausing in the middle of the room.

Pacing towards Phoebe, Hector laughed. "So glad you're starting to value now your maths subject. Is this the Evandros Xenakis' effect to my daughter?"

Evandros Xenakis' effect? Did his Ba-ba just label it as Evandros Xenakis' effect? Gods, yes, definitely! That Evandros Xenakis had affected her so much and his effect was more than influencing her on mathematics! It was a way, way more than that if her father only knew.

"I need my assignment now, Ba-ba," she said instead.

"Okay, don't worry. If you need him today, I'll tell him to go to the mansion tonight. Just be patient, agapité kóri."

She crossed her arms in her chest. "I need to talk to him now," she said softly yet firmly. That Evandros couldn't just reject her like that after what happened that night on the ship.

"Okay, you go ahead to his office."

"Where is it?"

"Go straight. When you reach the end of the hallway, turn right and you see a door. You'll see his staff inside. One of them is his secretary."

"So I will see only the secretary?" She asked impatiently.

"No, agapité kóri. When you meet the secretary, tell her you want to talk to Evan."

"Why can't you just demand him that I want to talk to him now."

"Agapité kóri, no special treatment here, okay? He's into something important right now. If he has time to entertain you right now, that's his right to decide."

Oh, she couldn't understand her Ba-ba sometimes!


Evan was facing his computer when a call came from his secretary.

"What? The master's kóri is here to talk to me?" he exclaimed, really surprised.

Oh, Phoebe, what are you doing? He asked, bringing his reddened face to his left palm.

"She's insistent. She wants to come in, Mr. Xenakis. Shall I let her in?"

He breathed deeply first before he answered back. "Okay, yeah... let her in."

Putting the phone down, he again placed his face, now on both of his palms. The girl was starting to cause him a problem right now. What was he going to do? If she only wasn't a Perkos, then he wouldn't care a bit. He would ravish her with kisses anytime he'd like to. But, she was a Perkos... and her being a Perkos was already the biggest barrier for any love interest. She was his master's daughter. That was the craziest fact! He very well knew that Hector Perkos would definitely forbid it! Even the gods would forbid it! Heaven would forbid it!

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