Wince-Worthy Moments

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"There's no one, that I'd rather be with. Not a single soul that I could live with, that would replace yooooou! Yay...nobody's gonna mess with my girl. Nobody's gonna take her awaaaay!" The lyrics to the immensely popular song were heard well, which was surprising since the speakers had to compete with the roar of the crowd.

Thousands of girls, clutching their banners and T-shirts desperately. Some were crying their eyes out, while others were just screeching  and pledging their love and devotion. Pathetic. Millions of fans, all claiming to be the biggest fanatic. I look over the crowd, seeing their blurred figures. There's a girl standing next to me, and she looks like she's about to have a seizure or something. Her eyes are bugging out, and her mascara is running down her cheeks. Her shirt has a giant logo which lights up automatically. She's holding a large banner with both arms,  jumping up and down. I roll my eyes and put my hands over my ears. She sees my actions and stops jumping abruptly. I put my hands back down at my sides and act like I'm grooving to the terrible "music". The girl still glares at me. Now she's screaming at me, cursing and asking me "how I could not appreciate the music". I ignore her and keep my eyes forward.

To think that that girl is my best friend. I think. 

I can practically hear my mom's voice saying, "Wow, Chelsea. You have some taste in friends, huh?"

There's a boy about my age and he's watching the girl yell at me. He holds an arm out between us, shaking his head at the girl. I smile at him, grateful. He tosses me a grin, making my heart leap.

I am soooo glad to not have to endure this alone! I think.

He takes my hand and gives it a squeeze. The girl looks at our hands, intertwined and she looks like she's about to faint. She sighs and shakes her head, tossing her blond hair to the side. The girl goes back to bouncing around to the music. The song ends and the crowd cheers then gets quieter, waiting. 

"Chelsea, keep away from my brother." Amanda hisses at me. "Shut up, a little! I'm only here for you. It's your birthday, not mine so I'm trying to be nice. But you know what this kind of music does to me." I complain.

 I shudder dramaticaly. Amanda's eyes pop out. "Exactly my point! How am I supposed to enjoy my birthday when I'm about to throw up every time I look at the two of you?" She screeches. 

She pauses, looks around, then moans. "Why me? Why my brother with my best friend? This is so wrong!" She wails. 

I look at Cameron; her brother; my boyfriend, and give him a knowing look.

"OK, Amanda. Whatever you want for your special day." I say, letting go of her brother's hand. 

Amanda smirks, satisfied. She opens her mouth to say something else but a new song comes on and she's freaking out. I roll my eyes at her brother and laugh to myself. 

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