Chapter five

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       I wake up at 7 AM and begin to clean around the house. I sweep the kitchen floor, clean the counter tops and mop all around the house. I wanted to show James that I was well qualified to be here. By 12 PM, I had dusted the whole house, vacuumed the carpet, polished the floor, made every bed in the house and cleaned all of the bathrooms. It doesn't see like a lot but it was a huge house. James (I should probably all him Mr. Black), comes out of his room at 1pm, all dressed in his suit and tie. He smelled so good and his hair was styles perfectly.

"Good afternoon, Allison" he says, pouring coffee into a mug.

"Good afternoon, Mr. Black."

"I see you have cleaned up the house this morning." He takes a look around and sips at his coffee.

"Yes sir." I stood there awkwardly not knowing what to do next.

"You are dismissed but pay close attention so your phone in case that I need you later."

"Yes sir." I say and I head towards my room.

When I get into my room, I close the door behind me and pull out my Apple computer. I type in my Facebook login and scroll through my newsfeed.
  I see all of my friends from high school getting engaged and having children, while I'm over here serving for another person. The dream life.
    After getting depressed while scrolling, I get off of my computer and I hear my phone buzz.

Seth- Hey!

My heart beats fast when I saw this message from him.

Me- Hello!

Seth- I was just texting to see if you're busy later tonight? I know you said weekends are great for you but I can't wait that long to see you.

I smiled like a crazy person when I saw that.

Me- I'd have to check with my boss. I'd love to see you too.

I get off my bed and I walk out of my room. When I enter the kitchen, I see that James no longer is in there.
His bedroom door is closed, so I knock on it.
"Just one minute!" He says, with a hint of annoyance.
I step back so he has room when he opens the door.
The door bolts open and he looks agitated. His shirt was off and he was in his boxers. It was only 2pm. Why was he in his Pajamas?
"What do you want?" He says staring at me.
"I was wondering if I could leave to to somewhere tonight."
"Why?" He questions.
"Well um-" I start when I hear someone.
"Who is at the damn door, babe." It was a girl and it seems that I interrupted something.
"It's just my maid, I'll be back soon" he says to her.
"I'm meeting up with a guy for coffee, sir." I say.
He scratches the back of his head.
"Yeah sure, go." And when he said that he closes the door in my face and I can hear the girl squeal. I roll my eyes but I'm happy that I can go.
I quickly text Seth back, letting him know that I'm available and we set up a place and time.
I begin getting ready and I go for a more casual look.
I wear a nice t shirt with some jeans. I straighten my hair and do a natural makeup.
I grab my car keys and head for the coffee place.
When I get there, Seth was already at one of the outside tables. He looked so cute with his nice brown hair and his glowing smile.
I sit down in the other chair across from him.
We greet each other and order some coffee. I got a Java chip frappé and he got an original black coffee.
"That's so gross!" I tease at him.
"What??" He says after taking a drink from his coffee.
"Just plain black coffee is disgusting." I say, while sipping through my straw.
"Whatever. Look how gross your drink looks!" He jokes back at me.
The conversation was going great. I felt like we could talk about anything.
We got into a conversation about our lives and what brought us here. I was so interesting in him. He grew up in an average home. His father died from a drunk driver and that's what made him want to be a cop. It was inspiring. I tell him about how I want to be a surgeon and he seemed so into what I was saying. He actually cared what I said. And I've never met someone like that before.
While we were talking about our lives I get a call.
"James Black is calling you..."
My phone tells me.
"I have to take this call really quick. Excuse me." I say getting up.
"Where the hell are you?? Do you want to lose you job?" He yells at me.
"Sir you said I could go?"
"I don't give a damn what I said. Get back here." And with that, he hangs up.
My heart was beating fast. I couldn't lose this job. I needed it.
I walk over to Seth, and he could tell something was wrong just by how my face looked.
"I have to go." I say, picking up my things.
"Wait why?" He says
"My boss called. He's pissed. I'm sorry, just text me." And with that, I get in my car and drive off. I didn't know what was waiting for me. I didn't really wanna figure out, either.

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