Heat (Jeff the Killer lemon)

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Well, not only is this the first fanfic I've ever posted online, but also my first lemon! So, please, constructive criticism is wanted but atleast go  a little easy on me!  I don't owns Jeff the Killer, but I do own Fyra!

~Please enjoy this first smutty little one-shot from the Deadric Prince of Madness!!!~

+Fyra's POV+

   Fyra sat in the fr corner of her bed with her knees to her chest and her cat tail curled tight around her ankles. She was tense and hardly moved, each breath coming out in a slight pant. The sickly sweet scent of her own heat was nearly choking her, the urge to mate was overwhelming. She had told no one of her heat, but Slenderman about her heat for fear that they would try to take advantage of her in this state. This was the most embarrasing thing about being a neko and she absolutely hated it. She thought about all the potential mates in the house: Hoody, Masky, Eyeless Jack, Ben, and Jeff.

  As Fyra thought of Jeff her want grew stronger. She couldn't stand it any longer. She stretched out her long legs and took off her shirt, she gasped as the course material rubbed against her bare, hard nipples. She slid off her shorts and her soaked panties, Fyra spread her legs and began touching herself, rubbing her clit over and over, moaning louder and louder. She thought of Jeff as she did this, his wild black hair, his toned muscles, even his carved smile was a turn on. She was soon moaning his name a little as she continued her ministrations.

+Jeff's POV+ 

  If Jeff could have frowned he would have. He was looking for Fyra and was not having any luck. He walked into the living room to find Masky reading a book on the couch. "Hey, Masky, you seen Fyra anywhere?" he asked the masked man, who looked up from his book and said.

"N-No, she's in her room, but you're not allowed to go up there. Slenderman's orders." Jeff just shrugged and started to walk upstairs, doing what he usually did when Masky told him to do something, which was to do the exact opposite. He stopped outside Fyra's door just as he heard a loud moan and what sounded like his name. He slowly opened the door. The first thing Jeff noticed was the scent, it hit him like a wave and instantly made him hard. Suddenly, he very much wanted to pound her into the mattress. Secondly, he noticed she was completely naked and rubbing her clit at a near-furiously high speed, her eyes closed in concentration and little whimpers came out of her mouth. Jeff stalked toward her, like a predator that was stalking it's unaware prey. When he reached the mattress, he climbed on top of it and slunk over her.

+Fyra's POV+

  Fyra opened her eyes wide as she felt a weight surronding her and was shocked to find Jeff above her. "Wha-!" Jeff quickly kissed her, silencing any quesions she may have had. He invaded her wet cavern with his tongue and they fought for dominance, a messy tangle of tongues, but inevitably he won and explored his new territory. His hands roamed her body, feeling her curves and squeezing her breasts. Fyra moaned into the kiss. They parted for air and Fyra asked, "Jeff, what are you doing."

"Well, you see, I came up here to find you so we could go on a killing spree, but when I opened the door you were sprawled so beautifully on this bed and moaning my name that you gave me a problem. Now you have to fix it." he said, before biting her roughly on the neck, making her nearly scream in pleasure. "So kitty likes it rough." he said, with a dark lust-filled chuckle and scratched down her sides, elliciting another loud moan. Fyra wrapped her arms around his neck and sharply bit into it, drawing blood and making him moan and grind into her.

"Fuck this, I want you now." Fyra said with a growl, tugging on his white blood-stained hoodie. He laughed and took it off, his black shirt following. Fyra took a moment to appreciate the view before insisting on the rest of his articles of clothing. She looked down at his rather large member and then into his lidless eyes, "Take me hard and rough, Jeff." she said.

"My pleasure, kitty." he said and thrusted into her roughly. She screamed out in pain and pleasure. He didn't wait for her to adjust before pulling almost all the way out and slamming back in. Fyra met his thrusts sharply, scratching Jeff's back and leaving scratches that would no doubt scar. Jeff bit and sucked on her nipples, causing her to let out loud moans. This continued on for awhile and soon Fyra felt the familiar feel of heat gathering and knotting up in her lower stomach.

"Jeff.. aahn.. I-I'm close!" Fyra said, panting.

"Me too... Scream my name!"

"Jeff!" This wasn't good enough for him so he bit her really hard on the shoulder.

"Louder!" He commanded.

"JEFF!" She screamed, and with one final thrust they both came. Jeff collapsed on top of her and pulled out of her before rolling beside her. They laid there panting for a bit before Fyra looked at Jeff and said, "Damn, that was good fuck. I might be sated for a few hours."

"Yeah. Just a few hours?" Jeff asked, raising an eyebrow.

"I'm in fucking heat so suck it." she growled. Suddenly, a shocked gasp was heard near the door and the two looked up to see Masky standing in the door way. If he wasn't wearing a mask, you could've seen his mouth open and his eyes wide. He turned around and swiftly walked away. Fyra glared at Jeff.

"You left the fucking door open, didn't you?"


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