Chapter Eight - Victors

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One week later...

Are you for real? Why have you done this?

Annabeth smirked down at her phone. She clicked out of the conversation and into Percy's one to reply to his latest message.

Is he mad?

So, so mad.

She went back onto Instagram and scrolled through the pictures which had been posted. Earlier in the week, Annabeth and Percy had stood in front of a green screen and posed for photos. It was the perfect revenge.

Why did Annabeth want revenge so suddenly, you may be wondering?

Well, after Luke had found out that Annabeth had 'cheated' on him with Percy, he decided that he would ditch her and move on. Annabeth had gone around to apartment to try and apologise, only to see him kissing his ex-girlfriend Thalia Grace.

Uh, huh. You get the picture.

Luke and Annabeth had only been dating for about a month before they broke up. It was sad how they hadn't had time to explore their relationship, but she knew that there was no going back now.

Annabeth, Percy and their managers Jason and Piper had discussed this situation together. As Annabeth was releasing her album in two weeks now, they decided that they would set Percy and Annabeth up as a couple. It was fake, of course, and Annabeth didn't mind Percy having a secret girlfriend as she had blown her only chance of finding true love.

Besides that, Annabeth still needed to record her last two songs for her album. She was heading to the studio so she could meet with Piper and Malcolm, her editor.

"Hey Annabeth!" Piper greeted. Malcolm was already reading over the lyrics she had sent him earlier on his laptop.

"Hey Pipes, Malcolm." Annabeth smiled, taking a seat facing the two of them.

Malcolm glanced up. "Oh hey," he said.

"Good news!" Piper exclaimed.

"What's that?" Annabeth asked.

"You've been given the all-clear to record Home!"

"Oh thank the gods." Annabeth breathed a sigh of relief. "I do not want to read over it another time."

"We just need to finish Complicated, and then we're done." Malcolm explained.

"Have you read over it?"

"I'm getting there." He said. "How 'bout you two go record and I'll finish reading through your notes?"

"Sounds good." Annabeth nodded.

She and Piper went over to the recording booth and went inside. From there, Annabeth went into the microphone room and turned everything on.

Once she was ready, Piper gave her thumbs up from the window.

"We need to stop
This is going way too far
We need to stop
Can't you see
That you're not helping me..."


When I was lost
You helped me find my found
But I'm now
Lost again
I'm sorry for now

Percy couldn't believe it. He and Annabeth was 'supposedly' (at least according to the internet) a thing and yet, now he had just learnt that in two month's time, she was going on a World Tour.

He didn't have long to spend time with his best friend. Annabeth was always busy. Ever since her new album had come out a couple days ago, she was doing interviews and performing on talk shows - there was no time for them to hang out.

"You look down." Percy raised his head just a bit to see Rachel sitting in front of him, tapping her fingers on the table to Annabeth's song which was coming from the radio beside them.

Percy sighed. "Annabeth's going away soon."

"I know. I'm gonna miss her." Rachel replied sadly.

"Me too."

"She's like, your best friend. I don't doubt for one minute that you wouldn't miss her."

"Thanks Rach, but we've been friends for longer than I have been with Annabeth."

"And now you're staged as a couple." Rachel said. There almost seemed to be a missing layer from her tone though...

"I know." Percy sighed again. "But she loves Luke. I don't know who I love."

Rachel smiled. "Well, that's the thing about love. It comes in the strangest of places."

Percy nodded thoughtfully. He'd met Rachel in high school. They became friends, and no matter how much their other friends wanted, they didn't start dating. Maybe it was because they knew that if they took it further than high school, they'd have to eventually part ways. Maybe it was because Percy was denying his feelings towards her...

"You'll hang out with me while she's gone, right?" Percy asked.

"Of course." Rachel replied. "We'll have fun. We can go to the movies, have lunch, maybe go to that new restaurant that's opened up nearby." She gave him a look.

"What?" Percy said.

Rachel sighed and face-palmed. "Idiot." She reached her hand across the table to intwine it with Percy's. Surprisingly, he didn't let go. "We can ... go out. If that's okay with you."

A smile found its way onto Percy's face. "Yeah, that would be nice."

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