Chapter 6

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Elyza Lex.

I sit straight up to the sound of screaming.

I look over Jane is sitting straight up terrified along with the boy and man that are tied up to the pole. Both have regained consciousness.

I jump off the bed grab my Katana and shotgun.

I run out of the tent.

Everyone is running around screaming. Two of the tents are on fire.

Fire. Why does it always have to be fire ???

I run back in the tent.

"Jane lets go NOW!"

She hops up and slips on her shoes.

"Jane! What are you doing?"

She is untying the prisoners from the pole.

Too nice.

All four of us run out of the tent and we make it to the closest road.

"Elyza. We need to go back for the people that we can get."

"No we are leaving NOW."

She looks at me eyes wide.

"We can save them."

Like I said too nice.

"And by we you mean me. NO"

She is pleading me with her eyes.

"Stay here. Do not move. Understand me?"

She nods and sits down next to the prisoners on the road.

I head back.

The only reason I really wanna go back is because I left me clothes and my other gun in the tent.

And I don't wanna walk around in the clothes I'm wearing right now.

Before I went to bed I basically dressed up in peasant type of clothes because they are comfortable.

I grab my stuff out of the tent and head back to the road but then I hear a baby crying.

I turn around and of course there is a little baby in a stroller right next to the fire.

I run over toward the baby and grab it up. There is screaming all around me.

I head back to the road.

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