Chapter 18: Chrismas Eve

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Justin's POV:
Today is Christmas Eve.
I have gotten a lot of presents for Jaylie. Jaylie is with my dad.
I went out and bought presents for the family gift swap.
I got Jaxon.
I got him a new dinosaur action figure.
I also got some little stocking stuffers for Jaylie.
New phone cases
Lip Stuff
And shhhh tickets to see Taylor Swift in concert. Don't tell her.
And a bunch of other things

I put them in the car and payed.

Jaylie's POV:
I was doing a school session. It was a science video on mammals.
When there was a knock at the door. Grandpa Jeremy got up and answered the door.
It was daddy.
I got up and I hugged him.
" what are you doing?" He asked.
"Science" I said
"Good" he said.
I went back and sat on the couch and finished science.
Dad sat and watched me do it so that he knew I wasn't doing anything else other than school.
We went home when I was finished with school. When we got home, it was about 5:30.  Each year, as a tradition, we can open one present.
I opened a new giraffe poster.
I went and hung it up in my room.
Dad came in and said that dinner was ready.
I went downstairs and saw that everyone was here!
Grandpa( Jeremy)
Uncle Jaxon
Aunt Jazzy
And everyone else.
We ate Justin's famous spaghetti with sugar cookies.
After that we listened to Under The Mistletoe while we were fixing the tree.
Phil knocked it down while we were at grandpas house.
I've never really celebrated Christmas or any other holiday because of my parents. I'm surprised I even know when my birthday is!
Actually it's pretty easy now. Same day as Justin's.
Anyway i was knocked out of my thoughts when daddy told me it was time to go to bed.
" but I'm not tired" I said.
" well Santa won't come unless you are sleeping." Said daddy.
I quickly closed my eyes.
I heard footsteps signaling that dad had left the room.
Soon I was fast asleep and let darkness take over into magical dreamland.

Sorry it's short.
Just a little filler.

I did chores and got JUSTMOJI.

Wanna see?

There's more but I'll just give you that

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There's more but I'll just give you that.

Sorry if I made you jelly.

Do chores kids
You'll get what you want.


Which Tattoo of Justin's is your favorite?

I can't choose.
He's got like 53.

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