Chapter One

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Marina Nightshade blinked, stifling a yawn as she sat up in her desk chair. She looked up at the confused man standing above her, looking at her incredulous. "Hey, Tony."

"You didn't go home last night?" Tony DiNozzo asked, sounding surprised.

"I didn't either, DiNozzo," another voice rang out, and Marina nodded as a silver-haired man entered the bullpen, a coffee cup in his hand, a frappuccino in the other hand. "Double chocolate chip," he added, setting it down in front of Marina.

Marina sighed happily, taking the cup and sipping at it. Tony looked at both of them weirdly. "You've both been acting weird since Marina broke her ankle out in the Hills," he told them. "Why?"

Marina choked on her next drink, and Gibbs glared at Tony. "Weird?" he repeated, getting closer.

Tony threw his hands up in the air. "Truth told, boss."

Marina swallowed, leaning down and pulling up her jeans cuff. On her left ankle, three circular scars of different patterns glared up at her. She pulled it down quickly. The most recent one was still sore. Gibbs shook his head at Tony. "She just survived a potential fall to her death at the Hills, Tony. Of course we're acting weird."

Tony raised his hands up in defense again, taking his place at his desk closest to the windows. Gibbs raised an eyebrow in silent question: Are you okay?

Marina nodded in reply, and Gibbs sat down at his desk in reply. Marina heard her phone chirp, and she looked at it, smiling at who it was. "Kate's running behind," she announced, putting her phone away again. "She got stuck in traffic."

"I wonder why it's so bad this morning," Gibbs commented thoughtfully.

Tony was glancing up at the TV that they used for information when they were briefing Gibbs. He jumped up. "They found that missing man in Kenya," he told them.

Gibbs's head shot up. "What?" he asked.

Tony pointed to the TV screen. A black-haired, stern-looking man was lying dead on the ground, "Breaking News" streaming across the top. "A few months ago, while you were out on an op, a man and his son went missing. It's been weeks, and now they've found him. But not his son."

Marina's jaw dropped, and Gibbs looked equally surprised. Tony messed around on his computer a little bit more, then sighed and stood up. "I'm running to the vending machines," he announced. "Anyone want anything?"

"Chocolate bar," Marina replied dazedly. "Please."

Tony left, and the instant he was gone, Gibbs stood up, pulling up a world map. There were two red dots already on there. One was marked just with the number one, and it was over Malaysia. The other one was marked two, over England. Gibbs made another red dot over Kenya and put in the number three. "They're coming closer to the States."

Marina nodded numbly. "They're going after Four."

Gibbs nodded thoughtfully. "You're still sure you don't want to change your name?"

Marina shook her head. "No. The others will. I won't."

Gibbs nodded again. "If you're sure."

"I am."

Gibbs sat back down, pulling down the map just as Tony was coming up. Marina leaned backwards, taking a bite off of her chocolate bar as she thought about how she had gotten her scars.


Five Years Ago

Marina crouches in the shadows behind Tony, gun ready for the attack. Gibbs stands on the other side, counting down. When he hit one, she feels searing pain flash over her left ankle. She screams, unable to hold it back.

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