The Youngest

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For as long
as I can remember,
I've always been the
quiet one
between Eunice,
Matthias and I.
I've always been
the youngest, too
(before Eddie, of course),
the one who always needed
to be helped
and spoken for
and protected by
her older,
more capable siblings.
I've always been the one
in the shadows,
hiding behind them
and being constantly
compared to them
as a result.

"Why aren't your grades
as good as your brother's?"
"Why aren't you as
outspoken as your sister?"

It's a constant
uphill battle,
being the youngest,
the least recognized.
It's not that I
dislike my siblings
for it, either -
not at all, but
even as comfortable as it is
to stay behind them
and let them
take on the world
for me,
there are some things
that their protectiveness
has seemed to cause,
and other things that,
hard as they may try,
they can't save me from.

I am
the youngest of three
high school-aged siblings,
but I am also
the least recognized,
the one who is
never noticed,
overshadowed by
my older siblings
as I have been.
I hate it -
but what am I
to do?

As we walk into
the school building
on our first day,
both Matthias and Eunice
wave to their friends
as we pass them by.
Euni even pauses
to hug a group of girls
in her grade
and gush about how
her summer vacation went,
and to ask them
about theirs.
Both Matthias and I
roll our eyes at them,
and when he realizes
our identical reaction
to our sister,
Thias shoots me
a grin
before turning to greet
one of his buddies
from soccer last year.

Unlike my siblings, though,
I have no friends
who call out to me
in the halls
as I head to my locker.
My brother and sister
wave goodbye
as we all separate to go
our different ways,
already chattering with
various people they know.
Euni ruffles my hair
as she passes by -
and then I am

I'm used to it,
of course,
as this happens
every year
without fail,
but it still doesn't
change the fact
that it's pretty lonely
when you're used to
being constantly surrounded
by other people
at home.
Here, in a school
where no one seems
to even know my name,
I can't help but feel
a little sad,
even as a
promising new school year
rises up in the future.


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