Chapter 10 I Guess

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*Chapter 10 4 in the morning*
*June 3*
I heard a knock by the door. I got up and opened it. Gigi was standing there. Nicki was already sleeping in Jace's arms. I opened the door. She ran in and got on the bed. Then fell asleep. I laughed softly. I walked into the bathroom. I took a shower and washed my hair. I blow dried it and put on shorts and a tank top with a long cardigan. I walked out of the bathroom. I walked over to Jace's nightstand. I grabbed my phone. I kissed his cheek. I walked out of the room and walked downstairs. I walked into the kitchen. I poured myself a cup of coffee. I sat down on the sofa. I curled up and took a sip. I turned the T.V on.
"Good Morning Mommy," Keith said.
"Good Morning Baby," I smiled. He grabbed himself a cup of coffee and sat down next to me.
"What are you going up so early? You love sleeping in," He said.
"I'm just thinking," I said.
"What's up. You look like you have something on your mind," He said. I smiled.
"It's nothing. You shouldn't worry over me. I was just thinking about your dad," I laughed.
"Did dad do something?" He asked.
"No. God No. I was thinking about the first time that we met. It was after school and dark outside. That day I had forgotten my diary. That diary had everything in it. So at like 10 at night I went back to school the Custodian let me in. I went to my locker and suddenly the glass shattered. You dad and his brothers stood there with the moonlight shining down on them. I swear they looked like gods standing there. I dropped my diary and your father picked it up. I tried to get the diary back but he was just too tall. He kept on teasing me and it was annoying me. Then the police came and He picked me up and threw me over his shoulder and we escaped. I hated but I had to stick with him in order to get my diary back. To think it all started with a Diary," I laughed. He smiled. He put his cup on the table.
"You fell for Dad," He smiled cheekily. I ruffled his hair. I finished my coffee and put it on the table. Roy came and got the cups then went into the kitchen.
"Yes my curious old baby. I did," I chuckled. He put his head in my lap.
"How much do you love him?" He asked.
"I love him more than he loves his hair. He means the world to me. I wouldn't trade any of this for anything. I have amazing kids. A loving family. Wonderful friends and brother. Also I have a wonderful, amazingly talented husband. I love that man to pieces. I honestly don't know what I would do without him. He saved me from myself. He loved me when I couldn't love myself. That's more than I ever asked for. Your dad is something extraordinary and All of you are taking after him. All of you will be just like him amazing, talented, loving, understanding, hot tempered, stubborn, and drop dead gorgeous. I would do anything to help and support him. Even if it meant leaving. I love that man. I really do. I found my home and it's with all of you. I love all of you," I said. Keith hugged me.
"Your love story is my favorite. Someday I hope I find a girl like that. I won't ever date or marry a girl without your approval. Besides you're my mom and your always right when it comes to the girls we date," he said. I laughed.
"I love you too Mommy," He said. I hugged him.
"What were you fights like with dad," he asked. I froze and nervously laughed. Cam walked in. He hugged me and laid down on my lap.
"Their fights were unique and surprising," Roxy laughed. She walked in and sat down next to me.
"Whenever they fought. We knew to step away from them and not get in the middle of them. Their fights started out with argueing then escalated to hand to hand combat. Then back to arguing. Which usually lead to one of them getting extremely angry and when one of them tried to walk away. The other would pin them against the wall and start yelling and arguing again. Then they argued some more. Then they just kissed. The kiss was like them letting out all the emotions they were feeling. You could feel the tension and the emotion. The air felt like anger, sadness and mostly anger. Then they simply stopped kissing and walked away from each other and acted as if nothing had happened. They both denied liking each other which drove the rest of us insane," Roxy said. Keith's mouth fell open.
"Wow!!" Keith said.
"Yep. So what made you start thinking about him?" Keith asked.
"Nicki woke me up at 2 in the morning and  I couldn't sleep. So Gigi knocks on the door at 4 in the morning and walks into our room and fell asleep in his arms. I took a shower and got ready. Nicki and Gigi were sound asleep. I grab my phone and he just looks at peaceful sleeping and cuddling with the girls," I said.
"Never in a million years did I think Jace had a soft spot for kids, but in a way I can understand why you think it's attractive," Roxy said. I laughed.
"On the other side of  note. I have a secret. I need to talk to you," Roxy said.
"Us too," Ash, Fairy and Sie said walking in.
"This is getting interesting," Keith giggled. I laughed.
"Aww you can giggle," I laughed. He pouted.
"Mooom You're embarrassing me," He whinned.
"That's my job sweetie," I laughed. Ash, Sie and Fairy sat down.
"Is it okay if this 2 big baby is here listening," I said. THey laughed and nodded.
"We haven't told the guys yet. It kills us not to tell them but we're scared," Ash said fiddling with her wedding ring.
"Can I take a wild guess," Cam said. I hushed him.
""We're," Sie started.
"Spit it out Sirene," I said.
"We're pregnant," Fairy said.
"All 4 of you," I said. They nodded.
"The same date?" I asked.
"No. Well. Yes. Same month," Roxy said.
"How long at you," I asked raising my eyebrow.
"4 weeks," Ash said.  Fairy, Ash and Roxy got up and ran to the bathroom. Keith, Cam and I ran after them. I pulled Fairy's hair back. Keith held Roxy's hair. Cam held Ash's Hair. They flushed and brushed their teeth and used mouthwash.
"Better," I said. They nodded. We made our way to the Living room and sat down.
"You should tell them soon. You don't want to cause a fight or something over something that should be a happy occasion for you. I was scared at my first baby, but I told him and he was excited," I said.
"I say you guys  tell them now," Cam said. I hushed him.
"I agree," Keith said.
"Shh," I said hitting their stomachs lightly.
"Noo," they whinned. I did it again.
"I agree with your boys.  I'll go tell him now," Roxy said. They nodded and left. I smiled. I started tickling the boys. They ran out of the room and upstairs. I followed them. They ran into my room. Cam crawled into bed and cuddled with the girls and fell asleep. Keith walked over to me and hugged me.  Then he crawled into my bed and fell asleep. Jace was missing. Keith was cuddling with Nicki. I walked out of my room.  I walked into Nicki's room. I turned the baby monitor off. The door closed. Jace grabbed my arms and pushed me onto the bed. He towered over me.
"So.. I heard that You fell for me," He smirked. I sighed and looked straight into his eyes,
"I did. I fell for you," I said. He rested his forehead on mine.
"Good because I fell for you," He said. I hugged him.
"I love you more than you know," I whispered.
" I love you too. I'm glad to have you with me," He said. We kissed. He still has the electricity effect on me. We pulled apart. I hugged him.
"Now go back to bed Mister. You're tired," I scolded. He laughed. I opened the door and walked out. He walked back into our bed. He fell asleep with the kids. I crawled into bed with him and fell asleep.
*Roxy's P.O.V*
I opened the door to my room. I slowly walked in and closed the door behind me quietly. I walked over to Phoenix. He was sleeping. Come on you can do it. I reached out for him. I took my hand back. I took a deep breath.
"Phoenix," I whispered.
"Mm," I heard.
"Phoenix wake up," I said.
"3 more minutes," He mumbled.
"Phoenix Please," I whispered. He opened his eyes and got up. I sat down by his legs.
"What's wrong," he whispered. I took a deep breath.
"I need to tell you something," I said looking at the ground.
"Look at me Roxy. Tell me What's wrong?" he said. He put his hand under my chin and forced me to look at him. He wiped the tears away. He didn't want kids. Not yet anyway.
"You're scaring me Roxy. What's wrong," he said softly.
"Promise you won't get mad," I said.
"Tell me what's wrong," he said.
"I- I," I stuttered. He looked at him.
"I-I'm pregnant Phoenix," I said.
"Y-You're pregnant. How far?" he said slightly shocked.
"4 weeks," I whispered looking at the ground. He was extremely quiet I started panicking. I felt food come up. I ran to our bathroom and puked. I felt my hair being pulled back. I flushed and brushed my teeth and used mouthwash.  I walked out of the bathroom and closed the door behind me. Phoenix was standing out on the balcony. I walked out to him.
"Nix," I whispered. He stayed quiet. I felt tears building up. I turned and walked out of the room ignoring his calls. I walked to Val's room. I knocked She opened up. She hugged me. I walked inside. She sat me down on the sofa. I cried into her shoulder. The door knocked. She opened it. The rest of the girls stood their crying. We walked in and hugged me. We hugged each other.
"It's going to be okay," She said. We cried even harder
"Val?" A husky voice said. We looked and a sleepy Jace made his way over to us.
"What's going on," He said stretching.
"We're pregnant," Ash said. He looked at Val.
"Not me. Just these 4," She said. He nodded.
"Why are you crying then," He asked.
"When we told them. They were extremely quiet and shocked. I tried talking to him. He ignored me. So I walked out, I said.
"How bout you go back in there and talk to him," Jace said.
"It will help trust me," Val said. We nodded and we walked out of there. I walked to Nix's room. The other girls went inside their rooms. I walked inside. Nix looked at me. I looked at the ground. I crawled into bed and laid there looking at the ceiling. Nix grabbed my hand. I got up and looked at him.
"Roxanne Arabella Montoya look at me," He said. I looked away. He cupped my face and forced me to look at him.
"It's okay," I said.
"What are y-" He tried but I cut him off.
"It's okay if you don't want the baby. You can divorce me and find someone else. I'll raise this baby on my own. You would just have to pay the Child Support and you can see the ba-" I tried but he cut me off and kissed me. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him. I sat in his lap.
"Don't ever jump to conclusions like that. I was shocked at first. I love you Rox. I love you and this baby. I'm happy for us," He smiled. I nodded. He hugged me. I hugged him back. We got under the covers and cuddled. I fell asleep in his arms.
*11:00 A.M Val's P.O.V*
* June 4 Friday *
Jace was taking a shower. I walked over to the bed. I woke Cameron up.
"Come on my big baby get up," I said. He groaned and buried his heads in the pillow. I sighed. I got Keith up.
"Keith Wake up honey," I said. He got up and rubbed his eyes.
"Want to help me make lunch," I said. He smiled and nodded.
"I'm going to go get ready and meet you down there," He said. He kissed my cheek and ran out.
"Payton, Gigi. Come on get up," I said. They groaned and got up.
"You're in charge of waking your siblings up. Except Keith he's already up," I said. They smirked and ran out. I picked Nicki up. She giggled at the sight of me. I walked into the bathroom and gave her a bath in her little tub. I dried her off. I put on black tight and a Daddy's Favorite shirt on her. Jace walked up behind me. He was dressed. He kissed me and hugged me. He kissed Nicki on the cheek. She giggled even more.
"Someone is in a giggling mood," I cooed tickling her. She giggled.
"Get your sons up. He's another you. I swear," I said.
"Oi! Keith is like you but with a dash of me," He said. I rolled my eyes.
"Go,' I said. He walked out of the room and came back with a wide awake Cameron. My mouth fell open.
"Okay Go take a shower and get ready," Jace said. Cameron nodded and walked out of our room. Nicki went with Jace.
"I give up. They are impossible," I said. Jace laughed. I walked out of the room and downstairs. I walked to the kitchen. Keith was there getting the eggs out. James was helping Keith.
"What are you too doing," I said. They looked up and smiled nervously.
"Cooking?" James said.
"For what occasion," I said.
"I- Uh" Keith stuttered.
"MOM!!!!! PAYTON TOOK MY HOODIE!," Nick shouted.
"HE WON'T LET ME BORROW IT," Payton shouted.
"MOM I NEED HELP," Sophie shouted. I groaned.
"COMING," I shouted. I looked at them.
"This is not over," I said. I walked out of the room and I heard whispering. I stopped and listened in.
"I love mom and all but we need her to leave for about a day. Like NOW," Keith  said.
"Wow!!!! Momma's boy actually wants to get rid of mom. Didn't see that one coming," James smirked.
"Also we need dad out of the house too,"Keith said. James started laughing.
"Oh just help me," Keith groaned. James laughed.
"Leave it all to me," James said.
"Elliot Emergency Siblings meeting Now, It's a Code Blue K meet me down in the kitchen," James said.
"The rest of the siblings are on their way," James said.
"Awesome," Keith said. They don't want me? I shook the idea out of my head and walked upstairs.
"MOM WHERE'S MY TIE," Will shouted.
"IN YOUR CLOSET! LOOK HARDER. I KNOW I PACKED IT," I shouted. Jace started walking downstairs. I smiled then looked away. He looked at me in confusion and I walked up the stairs faster. I walked to Payton and Nick. Then I helped Sophie.  Then I walked to the library. I grabbed a book on parenting. Where did I go wrong? Did I do something wrong? I opened the book and sat down at the bay window. I opened the book and started reading. I heard the door open.
"Val. I know you're in here," Nix said. He saw me.
"Found you," He said.  We sat down across from me. I looked out the window.
"What's wrong Twinny,"He said looking at me. I smiled.
"Don't lie to me like that. Don't lie to me and say you're fine, because I know you're not" He said. I laughed,
"Seriously I'm fine," I smiled.
"Okay...  Well... What's it like to be a parent? How do you raise a kid? What should I do?" He asked. I laughed.
"Well you can ask Jace and Read this and you should be fine. It teaches everything you need to know," I said. His face lit up and he took the book.
"Thank you," He said. He kissed my cheek and left. I took my blanket and wrapped myself around it. I closed my eyes and fell asleep.
*3:00 P.M*
"You need anything," Nix said.
"No. Just tired. Haven't got a good sleep in a long time. I just want to sleep," I said.
"Want me to call someone to keep you company," He said.
"No! I just want to be alone and sleep," I said panicking.
"Okay. Are you sure you're fine? Don't you want to get out of the house and do something," He said.
"Not really," I said. I took my phone out. It was 3:30 P.M. I also received 30 calls from the kids, Jace, the guys and the girls. I looked at him.
"You didn't tell them where I was?"I questioned.
"I figured you would want to be alone. Why did you want someone here with you," He said. I got up and hugged him.
"How is it possible for you to know me so well? Even though we don't hang outer talk like we used to," I said. I didn't let go.
"That's because you're my twin. We have that bond and because I know you inside out, I know what you're thinking. You're my sister, I'm supposed to understand you,"He chuckled.
"You may be old but you still look like you're 18. Here I am looking like a grandma. All the guys here look so young! It's unbelieveable. Stupid hair and facial products," I grumbled. He laughed.
"Holy mother of pearl I'm starting to sound old! I need to go out More. Eh maybe later,"I said.
"OHHHH No! You're going out Now! Come On!" He said. I groaned.
"Please.Just you and me,"He smirked.
"Okay fine, but don't you have to help Roxy. She's going to be needing you now more than ever. Trust me I know.You don't want to leave her alone without you. Not even for a hour, otherwise her hormones will be all over the place and she will think that you hate her. Trust me on that. If you need proof of that ask Jace. During, Cameron and Keith he left me alone with Roxy to go to work and by the time he came home I was in tears because I thought he left me. After Keith he stayed at home with me and works from home. When I was Pregnant,"I said. He looked at me in horror.
"You stay home with her and I'll go out to the Spa or something," I said. He nodded. I grabbed my phone.
"Don't wait up for me. I'll be home at around one in the morning," I said.
"Where you going"he said.
"Out for a drink. I haven't gone drinking in a while," I smirked. He chuckled.
"Be careful," he said.
"No promises," I said. I kissed his cheek. I walked past him.
"What's wrong with you? You never go drinking unless you're stressing or upset,"He said.
"I'm going just for fun," I said,
"Might I remind you that you have 18 kids, a husband and a camping trip that we are all going to. So no drinking," He said.
"Then change of plans then. You guys will take the kids camping, and I will stay home because I'm not feeling up to it,"I said.
"Tell me what's wrong," He said.
"I just feel like I'm doing something wrong okay. So I'm going for the drive. I'll drop by at a salon on the way back. I just need to clear my mind otherwise known as I need a me day,"I said.
"Drop by the office on the way back from the salon. Jace wanted to see you," He said, I nodded and walked out. I walked downstair.
"MOM!"Will shouted.
"SORRY KIDS! I'm not your mom at the moment. Phoenix is your mom for today and the camping trip," I said.
"WHAT THE FU-,"Jaden tried.
"Jaden language," Skylar said. I grabbed my purse and keys. Then I walked out. I sat down in the convertible and pulled out. I made my way to the salon.
I walked onto the 10th floor of Hart Industries. I walked past the people. They stood up and said Good evening Mrs.Hart at I walked past. I walked up to Jace's office. I knocked.
"Come in," he said. I opened the door and walked in. I closed the door behind me. He looked up at me. He put the papers down. I walked up to his sofa and sat down. He walked over to me and sat down. I cuddled with him.
"So suddenly I start getting calls from our kids saying that Phoenix is the mom for today and for the Camping trip. Explain my lovely scheming wife," he chuckled.
"You know how our anniversary is coming up Monday right,"I said.
"Yea. What about it," he said.
"Well your kids are up to something and they want us out of the house," I said.
"What are you thinking," he smirked. I sat in his lap.
"I'm thinking. You, me and Hawaii for all next week,"I smirked.
"Loving the idea but Nicki and Gigi can't sleep with us being there," he said.
"We bring them with us," I said.
"That works," he said. I smiled. He put his arms around my waist.
"Have I told you how much I love you,"he said. I nodded.
"I love you,"he said.
"I love you too," I whispered. We kissed then I heard someone clear their throat. We pulled apart and looked toward the door.
"That sounds lovely. Can I come with to," Keith said. We groaned.
"Fine! Actually let's just have everyone come," I said. Jace laughed. I looked at him and pouted.
"All of you are coming. Now what do you want," Jace said.
"I want mommy back!! It's a mess at home literally," he said. We looked at each other. Jace turned on the home cameras on he tv. Everyone was screaming. Gigi and Nicki were crying.Nix was chasing James around. Hunter, Ryder, And Nick were trying to cheer their wives up. Skylar was arguing with Cameron. Roxy was trying to pull Elliot off of Will. My mouth fell open.
"I was only gone for an hour!"I shouted.
"We started blaming ourselves for you leaving. We thought that we pushed you too hard. Then everyone started blaming each other which lead to that. So I came here. Please come back. We need you back! I don't know how you two handle all 18 of us but we need you," he pleaded.
"Sorry. But Phoenix is your mommy for now not me,"I smirked.
"Noooo. It's chaos at home. Pleaseeee momma. Daddy do something," he pouted.
"I'm not getting in the middle of this," Jace said.
"Momma," he whined.
"Aren't you the one who wanted me out of the house," I said.
"I take it back! Ground me, punish me just come back,"he whined.
"I'll be home at around 9"I said. He sighed
"Thank you," he said. He kissed my cheek and walked out the door. The door locked automatically. I turned back to him.
"The whole family eh? Damn this is going to be stressful," I said looking at him. He laughed and cupped my face.
"We'll get through it. You're my wife. You're strong, beautiful and amazing. I love you baby," he said. I smiled. I rested my forehead on his.
"I love you too babe,"I said. I smiled. He kissed me. Butterflies erupted in my stomach My knees felt weak. I pulled away and cuddled with him.
"Even after such a long time you still have that effect over me," I said.
"You're the same for me," he said.
"So you said that you would be home at 9 and its 6:30. What do you want to do?" He smiled. I looked at him.
"Funny. But you're  getting back to work. I'm going to my office and sign the papers that need to be signed by me," I said. He pouted. I giggled and kissed him.
"Your papers are on my desk," he said. I got off him and he got up. He grabbed a stick of papers, pen and the laptop. He sat down. Then he put the stuff on the table. He picked me up and put me in his lap. I grabbed the papers and he grabbed the laptop. We got to work.
"Want to fly Private or first class,"he asked.
"Private,"I said. He nodded. I read through all the papers and signed them. Then someone walked in. We looked up. It was Skylar.
" Hey baby," I smiled.  She smiled.
"Hey mamma. Keith called and told us about Hawaii and all I want to say is you have way too many kids going don't you want some alone time with dad," she said.
"I would but i would miss my babies too much," I smiled. Sky laughed.
"You love kids don't you mom," she laughed. I nodded.
"Anyway did you need something sweetheart ," Jace asked.
"Yea. Have you seem Cam? It's like he disappeared," she said. Jace started typing.
"He's at the basketball court with Will, Keith, Payton, Sophie, Gigi, Brittany and Nicki," Jace answered. She thanked us. Then she kissed our cheeks. She took my Car keys  and left. We went back to work. 2 hours later. We were done. Almost all the people were gone. Only the night time security guards were here. Jace and I walked to the parking lot. We sat down in the car. Jace was driving. We pulled out and headed home.
"Jace. I was wondering. Do you want to get Sky a car for her birthday. I mean all the boys have a car except her because she says that she's fine with carpooling and because she doesn't want us to spoil her. I just really think she needs one at this point," I said.
"Okay then how bout we talk to the car dealer when we get back and see what to get her," he said. I smiled. I got a call from Skylar. We talked then she hung up. My face fell.
"What's wrong," Jace asked.
" Sky says since she's a failure at finding love so she's better off with an arranged marriage. So now she wants us to pick out a guy for her. She said she has really been thinking about this and she really likes the idea and that's what she wants," I said. Jace frowned. I started thinking.
"Uncle Carter's Son Mike!" I said. Jace looked at me like I was crazy.
"He's the same age as you!" Jace exclaimed.
"Yea but Mike had a son named Christian. Mike tells me that Christian is a wild soul and wants me to knock some sense into him. He's a year older than Skylar and they are friends but if I talked to Mike about the marriage. I'm sure he would say yes. The good thing about is that Mike and his family moved here a while ago," I said. 
"Don't get ahead of yourself and start assuming. I would talk to them, first and if they agree then let's talk to the kids and tell them. Then bring Chris to the Hawaii trip,"he said.
"Let's go to their house right now. It's not far only 2 minutes from here and it's only 8:00," I said. He nodded and drove the car to Mike's place. He parked the car. Mike was rich. We rang the doorbell. Lisa Mike's wife opened it. She smiled and let us in. We Mike, Lisa, Jace and I sat down on the sofa.
"What brings you here," Mike smiled.
"Christian," Jace said.
"Nothing bad. We're here to discuss Christian and Skylar. Since Sky wants an arranged marriage?I was wondering if you would like the idea of Christian and Skylar in an arranged marriage. If you say yes than we can go back to our home and talk to Sky and Chris about it. Then we all can go to Hawaii and the two kids can get to know each other," I explained. Mike and Lisa's faces lit up.
"We love that idea. we agree to the proposal," Mike said.
"Great Then let's get you guys packed and let's get going to our place.The Hawaii flight is tomorrow morning," Jace said. The nodded. Lisa and I went upstairs. Jace and Mike started talking. We found Chris in his room watching the football game.
"Start packing clothes for a week kiddo you're going to Hawaii tomorrow morning. I want your bags downstairs in 10 minutes," I said. He nodded and started packing. We walked to Mike and Lisa's room. I helped Lisa pack. Then 30 minutes later we got into our car. The bags were in the trunk. We drove back to our place. We parked in front of the door. Brent and Luke  our car drivers came up.
"Luke take their bags and put them in their rooms," Jace said. He nodded and took their bagsand left.
"I will show you to your rooms after get to talk a little,"I smiled.
"Brent have the 2 long limos ready to  go to the airport at 2 in the morning," I said. He nodded then too Jace's car to the garage. Then Maria ran out.
"Thank God you 2 are here. It's a mess in there. Help us," she said. I looked at her in confusion. We walked into the house. It looked like a mess. My mouth fell to the floor. We walked into the living room. A complete mess.
"Move back this isn't going to be pretty," Jace said. I turned the intercom on.
"I want everyone's  sorry behinds into the living Now!" I shouted. All the kids ran down and into the living room. They were in a single file line. Then Phoenix and the other walked in and sat down on the sofa. I ran my hand through my hair.
"What do you have to say for yourselves," I said glaring at them. Nicki wiggled out of Skylar's arms and ran to me.
"MOMMY!! DADDY!!,"she shouted. She gave me a hug. I hugged her and kissed her forehead. Then I gave her to Jace. 
"Well?!" I asked. They stayed quiet.
"I leave the house for a couple hours expecting you all to behave and follow the adult's rules. Suddenly Keith comes into the office saying it's chaos come home with guests and this is how the house turns out! I expected it to be clean! Not a complete and utter mess! You all acted selfishly and didn't follow the rules you were given. Not to mention making your sisters cry!None of you obeyed anyone at all! You all started arguing for no reason at all! What was so important that you had to wreck the house! What do you have to say for yourselves!"I shouted.
"We're sorry,"they muttered.
"I wants out all to clean this whole house up pronto! Put all your electronics on the table! None of you are to touch them Until this place is clean. After cleaning I want all of you to apologize to the adults! Is that clear" I shouted.
"Crystal clear,"they muttered.
"Gigi, Brittany, Sophie, Payton, James, Brandon clean down here. Isaac, Ethan, Hunter, Ryder, Nick will go clean up all the rooms and the indoor pool upstairs,"I said. They nodded and started cleaning.
"You 5 sit," I said. They sat down. Jace and I sat down too.
"Now. Sky. We respect your decision and We have a solution," Jace said. She nodded.
"Christian," I said. He looked up.
"Yea,"he said.
"Christian. We've been talking and you're going to marry Skylar," Lisa said. Their mouths fell open.
"We think it's a good idea and we think you will be great for each other," I added.
"You two will share a room for the Hawaii trip. You will pick out rings for each other. An engagement and a marriage ring. Sky I want you to go to the guys section of the ring room. I'll meet you there," I said.Jace and Sky went downstairs.
"Jaden, Elliot can you show Lisa, Mike and Chris to the ladies ring room and then help your siblings clean up, after you apologize ," I said. They nodded. Mike, Lisa and Chris followed Jaden and Elliot downstairs.
"Now you 3 go help your siblings clean. Tell them to wait for me in my room after they apologize," I said. They nodded.
"I really did expect better from you all. You guys are always well behaved. I don't know what happened but it's something I said then I guess it's my fault. I'm sorry my babies," I mumbled. I walked downstairs. Mary followed. I walked to the wedding dress section. I looked around. I found a peach/ white one. I gave the matching tie, necklaces, Earrings, Bracelet, veil and girdle. I gave it to Mary. I gave the matching suit to her as well.
"Put the Dress and Tux in a suitcase and put it in Skylar's room. Put the  shoes and accessories in the suitcases as well," I said. She nodded and left. I walked down to the ring room. I walked to the guys section. I found Jace and Sky in the engagement ring section.
"How are you holding up honey,"I asked. She looked at me.
"Nervous, Worried, Scared. I mean he's a bad boy. He was a bad boy in middle school, and high school. He went to the same college and everyone on campus named him the bad boys. Girls love him. Guys want to be him. Getting married to a bad boy/ player. It makes me nervous. Also I hate him," she said. I laughed.
"Trust me. I know the feeling," I said. Jace groaned.
"You mean Dad was the same," she laughed. I nodded.
"I was. I'm not anymore. I found my love," he said.
"Also. Your dad and I used to hate each other too. Slowly we started getting along and soon we fell in love without even knowing," I said. She smiled.
"Just remember. You will have your fights, disagreements and you will make each other mad but remember to never got to bed angry. Also always tell each other the truth," I said. She looked a pair of rings.
"I like these two," she said holding them up. I smiled.
"Good choice. I love them," I said. I put them in ring box.
"Now you can go to your room. Make sure you exchange engagement rings before tomorrow morning," I said. She nodded and left.
"Let's go to our room. I can see you're tired," he said. I nodded. We met up with Lisa and Mike at the door.
"I will show you to your room," I said. We walked upstairs to the 2nd floor. I walked them to their room. Jace went to our room.
"How bout we have the wedding in Hawaii," Lisa said.
"Love the idea," I smiled. We hugged. Then I walked to my room. I walk inside. Jace was on his phone.
"I'm taking a shower. I need to get my mind clears. In the meantime help me pack," I said. He got up and followed me to the bathroom. He walked into the bathroom walk in closet. He grabbed suitcases and started bringing them on the bed. I took my clothes off and took a shower.  When I got out I put on a robe. I put on shorts,and tank top. I dried my hair off and put it in a bun. I grabbed my bikinis, dresses, undergarments, shorts, tank tops, and cardigans. I put them in my suitcases. I filled up my suitcases with clothes, dresses, shoes, makeup/ facial stuff, purses, and hair products. Soon Jace and I finished packing.
"The jet is ready for tomorrow. Our hotel is book. We reserved a whole floor," he said. I nodded. We put our bags by the door. I climbed into bed. Then the door opened and in came my all  kids. Expect Skylar and Nicki.Nicki was sleeping. Sky was probably talking to Chris. First I told them all about the marriage and I told the guys to pack a tux and the girls to pack dresses. Then I told them to be ready to go at 2 in the morning.
"You can get your electronics. Make sure you packed everything and I hoped you learned your lesson," I said. The girls climbed on the bed and hugged me then hugged Jace.
"We're sorry momma," they  said. I smiled and kissed their cheeks. Then the young boys came up and hugged me. They said sorry and that they loved me. Then they left. Then there stood Jaden, Elliot, Keith, Will, and Cam.
"We love you momma. We just thought you leaving was our fault so this happened. We didn't do this to make you mad. I swear. We were just sad and upset. We thought we had lost you," Jaden and Will said.
"We are sorry momma, we really are," Cam and Elliot said. They hugged me, kissed my cheek and told me they loved me. Then they left. Now only Keith stood there. He was looking at the floor.
"Keith. What's wrong sweetheart," I asked. He shook his head. He ran and hugged me.
"Why momma. Why do you worry about us even when we are in trouble? I never wanted to make you feel sad. I'm sorry momma," he cried. I rubbed his back and hugged him.
"Silly boy. Stop crying. We're your parents. We could never stay mad at you guys. You're our babies. I know you didn't mean it," I said. I wiped his tears away. He smiled.
"Can I sleep here," he said. Jace groaned and hugged me.
"Nooooo. Your mom is mineeee," Jace whined. Keith Gasped.
"Nooooo. She's mine," Keith whinned back. I rolled my eyes.
"Awwww Come here my big baby," I cooed. Keith's eyes lit up. He crawled in next to me. He hugged me. Jace started whining.
"Oh shhh," I said. Jace pouted. The girls came in and crawled into bed.
"MOM!," Cam shouted. I got out of bed. Keith followed.
"Keith honey. You can stay here," I laughed. He pouted.
"No. I'm coming," he pouted. I laughed. I put my arms around his shoulders. He put his arms around my waist.
"MOM," Cam shouted again. Keith and I walked out to Cameron's room.
"I can't find my white button up," he pouted.
"Then go to the suit area in. Ground level 1 and pick a button up out from there. Make it a peach button up white tie and black blazer and dress pants. Keith will wear white button up, peach tie, black blazer and dress pants. Will is going to be wearing the samething as Cam. Elliot is going to be matching Keith and so on. That's the dress code. Pass it on Cam. Tell your dad to make sure the girls are packed properly. I'm off to see Sky and see how she's holding up," I said. Keith and I were to walk out when Cam stopped me.
"Mom?" He said. I turned around.
"Yea,"I said. He looked at the ground.
"I just wanted to say. I'm sorry. I really am. You do so much for us. You spend so much time with us. You spend more time taking care of us then spending time with dad. No mom would be able to do what you do. I realize that I may be sounding stupid right now for bringing all this up and you might have the urge to say I know your sorry and it's fine but the fact is at its not fine. You take on so much stress. The wedding, taking care of us, making sure we are all happy, making sure that you and dad attend all of our games, concerts and our campus/teacher meetings. Then to top it that you and dad always throw gala's and party's for all of our brithdays. You help dad with the company because your Vice CEO. You also run your own company with Uncle Nix and your own Fashion Industry. You wake up at 3 in the morining for us and then go to bed at midnight. No mom would be able to do that. You take care of a 24 year old big baby all the way to a 4 year old baby. You live every day as of it were your last. I'm glad your my momma because not every kid has parents that work this hard to make sure their kid has everything he or she needs and that the kid is happy. You have never let us feel sad or disappointed. We make sure that you never feel the same way because we love you. We probably wouldn't be here if it wasn't for dad and you. You do so much for us and for the first time in my life I made my momma upset. For the dirt time I made my momma mad and cry. I made my momma hurt. I know what I did was wrong but.I was scared of losing you. We all were. We don't want you to leave us. It wouldn't ever be the same. You and dad have an amazing relationship filled with happiness and love. When I see you and dad smile. It makes me happy. Without you we would be lost. I don't want to lose my momma. I'm sorry for my actions. I really am. Forgive me momma. I'm sorry I hurt you. I'm sorry momma," Cameron cried. I was in tears by the end of that. Cam hugged me, and Keith joined in. Soon the other boys ran out of their room. I guess they heard that speech because they all hugged me crying I'm sorry. Then the girls ran out and joined in on the hug. I saw Jace smiling. I wiped my tears away.
"I told all of you. It's fine. I forgive you. Now go pack and straight to bed," I said. Jace and the girls went into my room. The boys went back to their room. Keith being Keith followed me to Sky's room. We stopped outside her room when I heard talking.
"'Sky" Chris said. I looked at Keith. I smiled. I put my hand in his cheek and kissed his forehead.
"I love you momma," he said,
"I love you too baby," I whispered. Keith and I walked back to my room. We walked inside. Keith crawled into bed next to Sophia. I crawled in next to Jace. He pulled me closer to him and kissed me.
"Don't ever doubt your parenting, because you're doing an Amazing Job. Love you Val," he muttered. I cuddled with him and kissed him.
"Love you too Jace," I said. He smirked and kissed my forehead. Then Keith crawled under the blankets and in between us.
"Don't hog momma. She's my momma," he pouted. Jace groaned.
"She's my wifey," Jace pouted. Keith hugged me and cuddled with me.
"My momma," Keith said sticking his tongue out. I hugged Keith and fell asleep. I smiled. I guess in the end.
I fell for the bad boy.

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