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godzilla - with confidence

white tiger - our last night

if you don't know - 5sos

mr. brightside - the killers

secrets - state champs

stay the night - green day

a part of me - neck deep

late nights in my car - real friends

this - ed sheeran

backseat serenade - all time low

stomach tied in knots - sleeping with sirens

tracks - roam

stella - all time low

the night i drove alone - citizen

is there somewhere - halsey

smash into you - hey violet

how do i tell a girl i want to kiss her - modern baseball

golden - farewell fighter


((i love music and anything pop punk and alternative so i decided to make a playlist for this story.

these songs aren't in any particular order but whatever. some of these songs refer to one character (and foreshadow things about them) and some just go with a current situation.

i highly recommend these songs and bands if you haven't listened to them!!))

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