Chapter 3 ~Part - 1~

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I went into Ebonys room, she was up and staring at the ceiling. i closed the door behind me and sat next to her head. Her eyes were puffy and she looked exhausted. she looked up at me with her brown eyes and said: "Just let me out, i wont tell anyone. i swear." i looked at her and shook my head, i started to stroked her hair. i put my legs on the bed and layed my head on the bed frame. "im sorry i hit you, you kinda deserved it but im still sorry. But  i know you wont because you're not leaving ebony. Since you will be here i need to lay down some rules." she raised her eyebrows and puckered her lip out. " rule number 1. Don't disrespect me or there will be consequences. Rule number 2. th-"

"WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?!? DO YOU REALLY THINK I WILL FOLLOW YOUR BULLSHIT RULES" she said interrupting me, i sat up and put my hand around her throat. The tears ran down her face again, i didn't care anymore. "rule number 2. DON'T FUCKING INTERRUPT ME, its rude." i climbed on her still holding onto her neck. I looked her in her eyes and loosened my grip, there was something about her eyes. "rule number 3. when im not here you have to respect Martha. You will probably meet her tomorrow for breakfast. Rule number 4. im going to need you to always be covered up or wear what i give you. Cause if not you will be disciplined." "what would i have to wear?" she replied looking at me with so much disappointment, like i let her down or something. "just dinner attire, just appropriate attire. im happy you are coming to acceptance with this." i stood up on my knees looking down at her, removing my hand from her neck. she nodded and turned away, "don't worry i wont try anything princess." i fell off her and sat next to her and started to stroke her hair. "so tell me about yourself ebony." she looked up at me then down. she didn't say anything, i didn't say anything either. we sat in silence, i didn't feel like saying anything. i looked down at her, she started to cry. i layed next to her wrapping my arms around her and buried my head in her neck. i just wanted to say sorry for taking her.... i never did anything like this before.  i just dont know why i want her so bad, its like once i seen her i just knew she had to be mine. Maybe tomorrow ill have some clarity.


i woke up to not being able to feel my wrist, i was tied up to a fucking bed. My momma always told me don't get fooled by eyes, i should of listened. i looked up and seen him watching me; stroking my hair and had the weirdess face on."Let me out. Now." i said it stern and demanding. he smiled, i tried not to cry and not to be disrespectful cause i really want to live. So i need to put on my sweet helpless face to get out this mess. "Let me out please. I have to go home, I-"

"But you are home. You want to be here." he interrupted. He sat next to me and stroked my hair. This sick fuck was starting to make me mad. I started to get scared so i wasn't calm anymore i had to snap. "What the fuck is wrong with you?" I jerked from him and spit in his face. he stood up, wiped my spit off his face with a napkin from his pocket and smacked me with the back of his hand. "Don't ever disrespect me, princess." he said, my eyes begin to fill with water. my face started to throb and my cheek started to burn as my tears fell over it. He looked down at me and pulled the blanket from my lap. "Lay there and be the slut you are. " when he said that it just made me cry more. i turned my face, facing the wall as he left. the only thing i thought was why me? Why am i about to be someones little toy. What the fuck is happening today? i analyzed the room, it was really nice. i wouldn't mind living here in different circumstances. The bed has some sheet that draped over it, it hung from the ceiling. it looked like the rooms you would see a princess in in a movie. There was a 62 inch tv in front of the bed with a wardrobe next to it. Did he planned for me to be here? what would a man like that want with me? Why am i his princess? i was so confused. His eyes were so kind and he seemed so nice. whats going on right now. i started to cry more, i wish i was home; in my own room with the door locked, but why do i want to go there?

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